Jessica Biel

Nose Job and Lip Injection on Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel is one of most beautiful Hollywood actress right now. People know Jessica from her pretty and perfect face. But there are several rumors that spread about some plastic surgery like lip injection and rhinoplasty she did in order to make her face more beautiful. Some websites compare Jessica’s face before she took plastic… Read More

Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag and Her Publicly Documented Plastic Surgery

Heidi Montag is one among not too many actresses that willing to admit that she has undergone plastic surgery procedure to enhance her good look. The most controversial act that she does is having 10 different procedures in one day. She did that in 2010 and it makes the whole world on shock. She admit… Read More

Britney Spears

Britney Spears Denied About Her Plastic Surgery Rumor

Who didn’t know Britney Spears? She is a great singer, dancer and actress. She is pretty and has beautiful body as well. How did she get her perfect body? Is it natural? Many people said “no”. Yes, most people agree that it’s likely she had cosmetic surgery. There are many proofs that she had plastic… Read More

Brigitte Nielsen

Brigitte Nielsen Looks 10 Years Younger after Plastic Surgery

As we know, today many world artists did plastic surgery to maintain their looks. One of them is Brigitte Nielsen. Brigitte Nielsen is an actress, model, and musician. She was born on July 15, 1963. At her age of 50, she still looks pretty youthful and sexy. She even looked at least 10 years younger…. Read More

Naya Rivera

Did Naya Rivera Improving Her Beauty Under Surgery?

Anything change on celebrity body would lead to plastic surgery rumors. Naya Rivera is not exception that when people see her bigger breast, people judge her to have breast augmentation. Naya Rivera keeps on silent about it and people keep on speculating to Naya Rivera plastic surgery. The rumors become bigger after reporters asked opinion… Read More

Dolly Parton

How is Dolly Parton’s Look in Her Age Now After Having Plastic Surgery?

Being old is a normal thing for human being. All of us will definitely experience the aging process. However, most women in the world are trying to fight against the aging process by doing some treatments on their faces and bodies. Well, not all women did it. The people who do the treatments are usually… Read More

Nicky Minaj

Nicki Minaj Before and After Plastic Surgery

We believe that Nicki Minaj plastic surgery is true and real. Based on the photo comparison when she was young, she changes a lot now. Her body is more flattering, curry and sexy. She enhances the physical appearance especially the boobs and butt which can only be performed by surgery procedure. Minaj insisted in various… Read More


Has Yoona Had Plastic Surgery ?

The news of Yoona plastic surgery becomes hot today. There are many rumors stated that this SNSD personnel has done the plastic surgery to make her appearance beautiful and nice. But then, Yoona said that all of the news spreading is not true. All of them are nothing but lie. Yonaa realizes that there are… Read More


Beyonce Knowles Changed Her Look for Grammy by Taking Nose Job

Plastic surgery is one of the greatest things which are needed by the people, especially for them who are working in the entertainment world. Only a few people in the entertainment world that did not undergo the cosmetic surgery. The process of getting plastic surgery as the best way to make the appearance enhanced was… Read More