Bruce Springsteen

Did Bruce Springsteen Do Hair Transplant?

The great American musician, singer and song writer, Bruce Springsteen is rumored to have had plastic surgery. Is it true? This plastic surgery perception comes because this 63 years old man looked younger than before. Many people thought that it’s likely had a facial filler, Botox injection, facelift and even hair transplant! Yes, it is… Read More

Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield Admitted that His Plastic Surgery Might Gone Wrong

Female artists are not the ones who tend to do the cosmetic surgery since more and more male artists were reported to have several plastic surgeries on their body, especially the face. Rick Springfield is one of them. About Rick Springfield plastic surgery, the news is not merely rumor since Rick Springfield himself already admitted… Read More

Kenny Rogers

Did Kenny Rogers have a Facelift?

Facelift is a kind of plastic surgery that was taken by Kenny Rogers. When the first time people heard of the news, no one believes that, but actually the plastic surgery is real. One reason why Kenny Rogers took the plastic surgery was to make the relationship between him and his young wife closer. We… Read More

Michael Jackson

How did Plastic Surgery change the Whole Appearance of Michael Jackson?

As we all know, both musicians and artists have to appear perfectly in front of the public. Therefore, it is normal that the process of appearance enhancement is needed to help them exist in the entertainment world. Well, it was also done by Michael Jackson. He was known as a singer who had undergone a… Read More

AXL Rose

Did Axl Rose Get a Facelift?

Having a plastic surgery actually something which is needed by the celebrities since it helps them to appear perfect. Well, it is not only can be done by the woman. It is also can be done by the man too. There are a lot of actor or musician which done this plastic surgery to get… Read More