Jessica Biel

Nose Job and Lip Injection on Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel is one of most beautiful Hollywood actress right now. People know Jessica from her pretty and perfect face. But there are several rumors that spread about some plastic surgery like lip injection and rhinoplasty she did in order to make her face more beautiful. Some websites compare Jessica’s face before she took plastic… Read More

Jodie Foster

Does Jodie Foster Really Conquer Hollywood Without Any Plastic Surgery?

Jodie Foster is a Hollywood actress who was born in California, 19 November 1962. She is not only known as an actress but also known as a director and producer. Although there are plenty of Hollywood actresses who are taking plastic surgery, people considered Jodie as an actress who is conquered Hollywood without taking any… Read More

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt Laughs at Breast Augmentation Rumor

What do you think about Jennifer Love Hewitt’s current breast size? People speculate if she had taken a procedure to enlarge and fuller the boobs. They even compare her photos since she started the career life in entertainment industry in 1985. Though the rumor is heard so loud, Jennifer always denies. She just laughs for… Read More

Rosie Huntington

Did Rosie Huntington Have Plastic Surgery?

There are rumors in media said that professional model and stress, Rosie Huntington had taken cosmetic surgery procedures. From the pictures posted in media, we can see the differences of her face before the surgical procedure and after. We can simply see that her lips have clearly been pumped up. By comparing the pictures, it… Read More

Elle Macpherson

Things You Should Know about Elle Macpherson Plastic Surgery

Elle Macpherson is one of the most famous supermodels. As a supermodel, physical appearance is one of the most essential things that she needs to notice. She is beautiful indeed. However, her beauty sometimes brings some rumors as well. Elle Macpherson has been rumored has several plastic surgery. Elle never gives any clarification to these… Read More

Eva Longoria

Has Eva Longoria Had Nose Job?

Plastic surgery among celebrities is not a rare thing. They do plastic surgery to stay looking youthful. Of course, because they are public figures, they must maintain their appearance. And the hot gossip right now is about Eva Longoria had plastic surgery. This 39 years old actress has stated that she would not have any… Read More

Glenn Close

Has Glenn Close Had Plastic Surgery to Stay Ageless?

Did you know about Glenn Close? This senior American actress is rumored to have had some plastic surgery to maintain her youthful appearance. She is estimated to have had nose job, facial fillers and Botox injections, seeing her before and after photos, it is obvious that Glenn has nose job. Her nose become more pinched,… Read More

Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag and Her Publicly Documented Plastic Surgery

Heidi Montag is one among not too many actresses that willing to admit that she has undergone plastic surgery procedure to enhance her good look. The most controversial act that she does is having 10 different procedures in one day. She did that in 2010 and it makes the whole world on shock. She admit… Read More

Gillian Anderson

Is Gillian Anderson being helped out by some plastic surgeons?

Did you like American TV series The X-files? If so, you must know about Gillian Anderson. She is beautiful and still looked youthful at her age, 45 years old. Some people said that Gillian has had some kinds of plastic surgery because she looks greater these days. Generally, at the age of 40 years old,… Read More

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