Lucy Liu

Did Lucy Liu Have Plastic Surgery?

Lucy Liu always becomes the subject of plastic surgery rumor. Her face looks ravishing, fresh and supple. She denies performing any plastic surgery to maintain her youthful look. She stated that she did not believe in plastic surgery, dermabration and facial. She preferred the natural ways to maintain her skin. She did not want to… Read More

Cheryl Ladd

Did Cheryl Ladd Do the Nose Job?

The American singer, author and actress, Cheryl Ladd always gets the media attention because of her plastic surgery rumor. The woman is not young anymore. She is now 61 years old. In her old age, she maintains her youthful and fresh face completely adorable. It leads people to speculate that she probably has undergone the… Read More


Has Yoona Had Plastic Surgery ?

The news of Yoona plastic surgery becomes hot today. There are many rumors stated that this SNSD personnel has done the plastic surgery to make her appearance beautiful and nice. But then, Yoona said that all of the news spreading is not true. All of them are nothing but lie. Yonaa realizes that there are… Read More

Megan Fox

Why Did Megan Fox Take Plastic Surgery?

Megan Fox, the beautiful women with a good-looking face has done some plastic surgeries to make over her body and face. Do you believe in that rumor? Well, that is not just a rumor anymore. Megan Fox really did the Botox procedure and injected the liquid into her skin. Botox is the common plastic surgery… Read More

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