Michael Jackson

How did Plastic Surgery change the Whole Appearance of Michael Jackson?

As we all know, both musicians and artists have to appear perfectly in front of the public. Therefore, it is normal that the process of appearance enhancement is needed to help them exist in the entertainment world. Well, it was also done by Michael Jackson. He was known as a singer who had undergone a… Read More


Beyonce Knowles Changed Her Look for Grammy by Taking Nose Job

Plastic surgery is one of the greatest things which are needed by the people, especially for them who are working in the entertainment world. Only a few people in the entertainment world that did not undergo the cosmetic surgery. The process of getting plastic surgery as the best way to make the appearance enhanced was… Read More

Olivia Newton John

About Plastic Surgery Rumors, Olivia Newton John Said, “It is Genetic”

For a woman in 64 years of age, no wrinkles on your forehead and under eyes are obvious sign of plastic surgery. Although she does not have procedure under the knife, at least she has Botox injection to fight aging. That is the reason why people speculating about Olivia Newton John plastic surgery since her… Read More

Melania Trump

What is the Truth behind Melania Trump Plastic Surgery ?

The beautiful model and the sexy young wife of Donald Trump, Melanie Trump hardly denied that she has done plastic surgery procedure to keep up her young and sexy look. She admitted that she has a very sensitive skin that makes her impossible to do cosmetic procedures such as the one that people accused. This… Read More

Park Min Young

The Beauty of Park Min Young after Undergone Plastic Surgery

While the other artists try hard to keep their plastic surgery secret, this Korean artist revealed she had two plastic surgeries on her face. We are talking about Park Min Young plastic surgery. Park Min Young admitted eyelid surgery when she was in junior high school to make her look prettier. The second plastic surgery… Read More

Patricia Heaton

The Reason behind Patricia Heaton Plastic Surgery

Yes, Patricia Heaton admitted her plastic surgery. Breast reduction and tummy tuck are two procedures she admitted. The reason behind the plastic surgery is to bring back her beauty after having four children. Reporters or anybody who see changes on her body should not spread rumors about Patricia Heaton plastic surgery since the truth is… Read More

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra Plastic Surgery Has Made Her Body Perfect

Priyanka Chopra is one of the beautiful women that also follow the world celebrities to touch her skin by the knife. Priyanka Chopra has the perfect shape of the face in original but she finally decides to take the plastic surgery like the nose job and breast augmentation to make her body perfect. She also… Read More

Reba Mcentire

Has Reba McEntire Taken Plastic Surgery Because She was Afraid of Getting Old ?

The rumor of the Reba Mcentire plastic surgery is right. Actually, few years ago some sources said that Reba Mcentire would never choose the plastic surgery because she does not like with that thing. She prefers to use any original and natural ingredients to stay beautiful and young. Today, the statement changed. Reba Mcentire finally… Read More

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