Renee Zellweger

Is Perfect Beauty of Renee Zellweger is Caused by Plastic Surgery ?

The media become so busy to know of the fact that Renee Zellweger took the plastic surgery. Of course, it will become the common thing when the first time a celebrity took the plastic surgery then they do not want to open their mouth and give clarification. They need a time. Renee Zellweger is beautiful… Read More

Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep Stands Against Plastic Surgery

Meryl Streep has denied over and over about having plastic surgery to keep her almost perfect facial features. In the age of 63, Meryl still look flawless and many people assumed that she has undergone plastic surgery to keep her look. She denied all the accused and she even stand and criticized Hollywood celebrities that… Read More

Morgan Fairchild

Is There Any Proof that Morgan Fairchild Has Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Is it true that Morgan Fairchild have undergone some plastic surgeries? Yes she did and she has admitted this in several interviews. She is one among not too many artists and celebrities who admitted that she has gone under the knife to work on her appearance. She admitted that she has done some cosmetic surgeries… Read More

Michelle Pfeiffer

Did Michelle Pfeiffer Get Plastic Surgery to Stay Beautiful ?

Many people speculated that the beautiful actress, Michelle Pfeiffer is having plastic surgery to give her the look that she have right now. It is true that she has no problem with people who undergo that kind of procedures but until this day she denied of having major or serious procedure about her looks. She… Read More

Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith and Her Denial of Having Cosmetic Surgery

The beautiful actress, Melanie Griffith denied any accused that said she has undergone different kind of plastic surgery. She has never admitted that she had any cosmetic surgery all this year. She only said that she had a very long battle to fight with drugs and drink addiction that make her spend several times in… Read More

Meg Ryan

Has Meg Ryan Had Lip Implants and Facelifts?

In 1980, Meg Ryan was recognized as the most beautiful woman ever in the screen. At that time, there were many people comparing Madonna and Meg Ryan. However, things have recently changed as she receives criticisms for having bad plastic surgery. Some experts argued that this was the only reason that explained the rapid decline… Read More

Mary Lousie Parker

Did Mary Lousie Parker Have Botox Injection?

On February 24, 2013, Celebs Net Worth released news, speculating about the chance of Mary Louise Parker plastic surgery. We do know that it is a rumor. However, perhaps you might recognize the source of the rumor which eventually came from her looks. Mary Louise Parker looks great, and most important, her face does not… Read More

Melissa Rivers

Melissa Rivers Admitted that She Has Had Plastic Surgery

Melissa Rivers is one among not too many actress that dare to admit that she has done plastic surgery to keep her good looking. She admitted that she has undergone several cosmetic procedures during the year such as nose job and breast enlargement. She also admit that she use Botox regularly to keep the wrinkle… Read More

Marilyn Monroe

Has Marilyn Monroe had Rhinoplasty and Chin Implant?

Did Marilyn Monroe have plastic surgery? Well, some of you might still ask the question even though she has passed away a long time ago. In fact, the legendary actress was the first celebrity performing plastic surgery. In this sense, some people had realized that it is Rhinoplasty that becomes a secret procedure that makes… Read More

Maria Shriver

Is Maria Shriver Having Botox?

It looks like that Maria Shriver has had plastic surgery, but every fans of her are waiting for some confession, although it is absolutely that we never hear any confession from her mouth – at least until now. However, it is said that Maria Shriver has had a facelift, judging from some rumors. However, some… Read More

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