Lisa Rinna

Types of Plastic Surgery that Lisa Rinna Had

We rarely hear about celebrities who are honest about their plastic surgery, even when awful results can be clearly seen in some pictures and photographs. Basically, it is hard to hear a celebrities talking about their decision or even why they had plastic surgery. So we hardly hear a celebrity admits that he/she has undergone… Read More

Mariah Carey

Is Mariah Carey Having Botox?

Some of you might notice Mariah Carey as her appearance looks youthful even though she is already 40-year old. Some people are wondering why such thing could be possible, and yet some rumors spread words: that Carey has done the plastic surgery. In general, plastic surgery is very common among actresses, and the scope is… Read More

Jennifer Coolidge

Mini Facelift Done by Jennifer Coolidge

As we all know, being older does not mean that you will lose your existence in certain fields. However, some celebrities think that getting older means a disaster. Therefore, they will make hard efforts to keep their beauty by doing anything that can make them look younger. Having plastic surgery or beauty enhancement is one… Read More

Kate Beckinsale

Is The Flawless Beauty of Kate Beckinsale Caused by Plastic Surgery ?

Everyone agrees about the flawless beauty of Kate Beckinsale. Even though she is married and has got a daughter, her body doesn’t look like a common mother. She is so beautiful with her fresh appearance and perfectly slim body. All fans of Kate Beckinsale really love this woman with her stunningly beauty. Contrarily, many people… Read More

Kate Gosselin

Did Kate Gosselin Have Plastic Surgery ?

People know Kate Gosselin through her impressing story for having sextuplets and twins after fertility treatment. Since then, the mother of eight children started to be famous and in 2007 she even had a reality TV show entitled Jon & Kate Plus 8. After the first show, Kate Gosselin was seen in some TV shows… Read More

Kim Tae Hee

Has Kim Tae Hee Had Plastic Surgery ?

Kim Tae Hee is a part of Korean Wave. As a star, she cannot stay away from rumors, including rumor about Kim Tae Hee plastic surgery. However, the rumor seems to have not enough evidence since she has a natural look and we cannot see the dramatic change in her face contour. Yet, people are… Read More

Lara Spencer

Did Lara Spencer Take Plastic Surgery to Look Young and Beautiful?

Plastic surgery has been a common trend in celebrity’s world. They have the money and they can do anything just to make them more admired by the fans. It is no wonder then if people will start guessing whether an actor or actress has nose job, facelift and other procedures of plastic surgery when she… Read More

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