Kathie Lee Gifford

Kathie Lee Gifford Stays Young Because of Plastic Surgery

The rumors about Kathie Lee Gifford plastic surgery spread out because her face always looks shiny and fresh. The people speculate that Kathie Lee Gifford might have done some plastic surgeries such as Botox injection, rhinoplasty, facelift and cheek augmentation. These plastic surgeries are the most common ones done by many celebrities. Today, Kathie Lee… Read More

Jennifer Anniston

Did Jennifer Anniston Get Plastic Surgery?

Being beautiful is one of the most important things needed by the Hollywood stars. Therefore, beauty enhancement is important for them. Later on, the plastic surgery is no longer becoming a secret to the public. Almost all of the Hollywood stars have done the surgery to help them look more perfect when they have to… Read More

Kim Basinger

Kim Basinger Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kim Basinger is not a newbie in showbiz. However, in her almost 60 years old, she looks so beautiful. Her ability to maintain youthfulness triggered so many rumors about Kim Basinger plastic surgery. Most people do not believe that she can get the beauty without help from the outside. Okay, she might not have done… Read More

Kyra Sedgwick

Does Kyra Sedgwick Regret to Have Plastic Surgery?

Kyra Sedgwick looks so great in her 47 because of her multiple plastic surgery procedures. She admitted that she took several procedures in the past. The procedures on the list of Kyra Sedgwick plastic surgery are breast augmentation, mini facelift, and botox injection. At a glance, we do not see any problem on her but… Read More

Lady Gaga

Did Lady Gaga Have Plastic Surgery ?

“Born This Way” is how Lady Gaga encourages people to love anything that God has given to them. Lady Gaga strongly said no to plastic surgery since she thinks that plastic surgery is promoting insecurities. It will be harmful for every person. However, there are still rumors about Lady Gaga plastic surgery. Some people believe… Read More

Lara Flynn Boyle

Plastic Surgery on Lara Flynn Boyle Has Totally Changed Her Look

Lara Flynn Boyle plastic surgery may shock you much. Is it a rumor? Infotainment magazines are exposing and talking a lot about this matter. Lara Flynn Boyle is supposed to be another plastic surgery disaster victim. She may never admit it yet, but before and after photos have shown some truth, as well as some… Read More

Jennifer Grey

List of Plastic Surgery Done by Jennifer Grey

Someone who has chosen his or her career to be a public figure, film star or celebrity may realize the needs of getting the beauty enhancement. Therefore, a lot of people, especially actresses and woman celebrities, are trying hard to enhance their beauty since they have engaged themselves in the entertainment world. One of the… Read More

Hillary Duff

Did Hilary Duff Get Plastic Surgery?

When talking about Hillary Duff, you probably think that this woman is free from any plastic surgery rumor. That’s totally untrue. There are some people speculating about Hilary Duff plastic surgery. The public attention is on her breast and nose. You need to compare the photos before and after she performed rhinoplasty and breast augmentation…. Read More

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