Halle Berry

Has Halle Berry Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Halle Berry plastic surgery has been denied many times. Most people do not believe it. They think that people spread the rumors because they are too envy with the youthful appearance of Halle Berry. This woman is still hot in her 40s. She was born in 1966, but her facial appearance and body is great… Read More

Geena Davis

What Plastic Surgery Has Geena Davis Had?

The changes of Geena Davis’ appearance are hardly recognized and she looks prettier now. Has she undergone the plastic surgery? Well, the rumor which is spreading about Geena Davis plastic surgery is true since the professional woman has already admitted that she did the plastic surgery in the past. Geena Davis has done some enhancement… Read More

Fan Bing Bing

Did Fan Bing Bing Have Plastic Surgery?

Surgery, especially the plastic surgery is one of the most common things to be done by the people, especially by the celebrities. By having the plastic surgery, they wish to get a better face condition and a better look on their appearance. Well, there are rumors saying that many celebrities have undergone the plastic surgery…. Read More

Holly Madison

Holly Madison Admitted to Have Nose And Breast Job

Plastic surgery is a magnet not only for the middle aged celebrities but also for the young celebrities. The best example can be found in Holly Madison plastic surgery. This beautiful woman is always involved in a rumor about the plastic surgeries that she had done. Unlike other celebrities who deny having any plastic surgeries,… Read More

Jennie Garth

Is Wider Eyes of Jennie Garth the Result of Eyelid Surgery?

Eyelid surgery is one of plastic surgery types commonly done by many Hollywood celebrities including Jennie Garth. Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is the surgery that is done for medical purposes or for facial beauty improvement. The plastic surgery is done to pull the skin of the eyelid so that the patient looks younger than his… Read More

Greta Van Susteren

Did Greta Van Susteren Do an Eyelift?

Greta Van Susteren plastic surgery has been on the air until this present day. This beautiful woman has openly talked about her eyelift. She admitted this surgery when she had an interview with People magazine. This woman is getting tired with the black eye region which make her look too old. As she works in… Read More

Hunter Tylo

Has Hunter Tylo Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong?

For many years, people and the media have been speculating about Hunter Tylo plastic surgery. From some photos on the internet, we can easily recognize that her nose has changed significantly. It is possible that she has taken a rhinoplasty. Her lips are also much bigger now and based on some sources, they look unnatural… Read More

Jane Fonda

Did Jane Fonda Have Plastic Surgery?

In early 2010, Lady Jayne Seymour Fonda or known as Jane Fonda got some plastic surgery procedures on her face. At that time, she was pretty open about this issue and she just admitted that she had done it. She even listed off all procedures she had already had. It came after she swore off… Read More

Emmanuelle Beart

Emmanuelle Beart Reveals the Bad Effect of Plastic Surgery on Her

The beauty enhancement is one of the things which is commonly done by the people who are related to the entertainment world. Therefore, it is not surprising that most of them had the plastic surgery in order to appear more and more beautiful although they are getting old. The plastic surgery was also done by… Read More

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