Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks Boob Job is So Obvious Although She Said No

The rumors said that Christina Hendricks had so many jobs all over her body. However, the most believable rumor about Christina Hendricks plastic surgery could be her boob job. Although she denied it so many times, it was so obvious about her boob change when we make a comparison between her picture in the late… Read More

Giuliana Rancic

Giuliana Rancic Denies the Statement about Plastic Surgery

Not all people in the world are beautiful. Therefore, treatment is usually needed by them to get a perfect body and appearance. Well, in Hollywood, being beautiful is a must. There should be no ugly person there. Therefore, it is not surprising that most people in Hollywood have done the plastic surgery to enhance their… Read More

Daryl Hannah

Has Daryl Hannah Plastic Surgery Become a Disaster?

Although the pictures show obvious change in Daryl Hannah face, she does not say yes or no about it. Unfortunately, Daryl Hannah plastic surgery seems to become a disaster for her. Failed eyelift and botox are the most possible reasons why she loses her natural beauty. Possibly, similar to other celebrities who have got a… Read More

Coco Austin

Coco Austin Plastic Surgery Seems More than Just a Breast Implants

While other celebrities denied having plastic surgery, Coco Austin admitted that she had breast augmentation process on her breasts. Of course, it will be hard for her to deny the breast augmentation since her pictures before and after the surgery show an obvious change on her breast size. However, the confession of Coco Austin plastic… Read More

Donatella Versace

Donatella Versace Could Be One Example of the Worst Plastic Surgery

Among many plastic surgery failures, many people believe that Donatella Versace plastic surgery is one of them. Donatella herself only admitted botox as the only facial procedure she took and she herself said that genetically her face was not like today. However, the evidences of DonatellaVersace plastic surgery are everywhere in the internet where people… Read More

Christa Miller

Has the Cougar Town’s Star, Christa Miller Had Plastic Surgery?

Christa Miller plastic surgery is still a rumor for she keeps denying about the facelift. It seems impossible for the actress to deny the plastic surgery rumor because her face looks totally different after she performs the surgery. Whether the surgery gives the best or worst effect for her, you may decide based on her… Read More

Christina Aguilera

Is Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery True or Not?

Rumors about Christina Aguilera plastic surgery started years ago, even since her early career in the entertainment industry. Nose job, breast augmentation and lip augmentation are only little examples of the rumors. Most people believe that she must have at least breast augmentation, fat injection to the buttocks, and liposculpture after they look at Christina… Read More

Chelsea Clinton

Did Chelsea Clinton Have Plastic Surgery?

Rumors said that Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of the former USA president Bill Clinton, has done the plastic surgery. She never admits to have the plastic surgery, but many people believe that Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery was true for she came as a stunning and fabulous bride in her wedding ceremony. No one can deny… Read More

Catherine Bel

Has Catherine Bell Had Plastic Surgery?

Almost all of American actress know about Catherine Bell. She is the beautiful woman with very proportional body shape and face but she finally some change with her nose. The American news often heard about the rumors of the Catherine Bell that choose some plastic surgery in her nose. When we see of her picture,… Read More

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