Tina Turner

Does Tina Turner have Plastic Surgery to keep Up with Her Youthful Appearance?

Being in her 70s, Tina Turner still looks so good and that leave people with wondering whether she has undergo any kind of plastic surgery or not. The answer is still not clear since there is no statement from Turner about this issue, but even if she has undergone this kind of procedure, it was… Read More

Selma Blair

Selma Blair Ageing Looks Natural?

Though appears naturally, but actress Selma Blair cannot escape from plastic surgery rumors. Some years ago, media said that Selma Blair had taken Botox injections and some filler procedures to her face to make it looks fresh. But the rumors vanished as soon as the actress proofed by herself that there are no cosmetic procedures… Read More

Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul after Taking Plastic Surgery

Paula Abdul still looks great in her age. She is a famous singer and song writer who is very famous globally because she became one of three judges in popular talent show, American Idol. She still looks great because of several plastic surgeries including rhinoplasty, Botox injection, nose job, and breast argumentation. In 2009, people… Read More

Jaclyn Smith

Has Jaclyn Smith Taken a Facelift?

Many people wondering whether Jaclyn Smith has a facelift and other kind of plastic surgery procedure. It is possible seeing her great looking appearance after all this year. Smith herself doesn’t admit it but she also never said that she against it. A few years ago Smith ever said that she is not against any… Read More

Elisabeth Shue

Rumors about Elisabeth Shue Plastic Surgery

Being an actress is not an easy job. You need to maintain your skill and keep your appearance as well. There are many actresses who choose plastic surgery as the solution to their physical performance. Plastic surgery could remove any wrinkles easily and make your nose shape looks better. As one of the most popular… Read More

George Michael

Has George Michael Had Plastic Surgery?

Who didn’t know George Michael? This English musician is rumored to have had plastic surgery. According to plastic surgeon experts, George Michael might have had a nose job, brow lift, eyelid surgery, and Botox injections. By comparing his before and latest photo, it is really obvious that there are many changes on George’s face. The… Read More

Gloria Estefan

Did Gloria Estefan Undergo any Plastic Surgery Procedure?

Many people questioned Gloria Estefan whether she undergo any kind of plastic surgery procedure or not? No wonder this kind of question pop out seeing the fact that she is still look good in her 56 years old. Gloria Estefan claimed that she never have any plastic surgery. This is her statement during much time… Read More

Emily Watson

Emily Watson Talks about Her Plastic Surgery Rumors

Plastic surgery has become more and more popular among celebrities these days. There are so many celebrities that have undergone various types of plastic surgery in order to change their look. Some celebrities are even rumored having plastic surgery treatments. Some of these rumors might true. But some others might be just inaccurate. Emily Watson… Read More

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