All Lindsay Lohan Surgery Procedures Explained

There is no doubt that Lindsay Lohan surgery happened. The controversial actress looks very much different from what she used to look like back then in her youth. The world has seen Lindsay since she was a small kid. She used to grow up beautifully and naturally, but unfortunately she introduced herself to plastic surgery. It is kind of ruin her natural appearance.

Types of the Entire Lindsay Lohan Surgery

gorgeous-lindsay lohan

It is believed that the list of Lindsay Lohan surgery covers everything, starting from botox to nose job. Lindsay has been through a lot of problems in her life and career, including those of drugs and prison time. She probably chose plastic surgery to keep her feeling beautiful all the time. Here is the list of her surgeries over the years.

  1. Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty surgery or nose job is not a strange procedure among actors and actresses around the world. They have to change the way their nose naturally look because they want the nose to look thinner, smaller, or sleeker. Lindsay had the same thought, too, apparently. One of the Lindsay Lohan surgery procedures that happened was rhinoplasty for sure.

  1. Botox

Lindsay was most likely to have botox injected to her forehead. It altered the look of her eyebrows, too. The movie star is known to have quite board forehead that she often concealed with bangs back in her teenage years. However, as she grew older, she decided to do something permanent about the forehead.

She decided to inject it with botox, apparently, to make it firmer and enhance the look of the brows, hence drawing people’s attention to the brows instead of to the forehead. Unfortunately, botox left her with noticeable firmness that did not look natural at all.

  1. Lip Fillers

Lindsay used to have thinner lip and they looked so cute. However, she probably did not too happy with the way her lips looked. That is why she made a decision of filling her lips and made them look bigger and fuller. This cosmetic procedure is very common in Hollywood, though.

The Lindsay Lohan surgery done on the lip was not technically a surgery because it was just a cosmetic injection to the lip. A lot of people consider this procedure as plastic surgery, though, because it can alter the appearance and change the look of the lips very drastically. The result of this procedure on Lidsay’s lips was that they got plumper and obviously fuller.

  1. Cheek Injections

Lindsay was always a bit chubby. Her cheeks were full and plump. However, she decided to alter the way she looked on the cheek by having cheek injection to make the cheek looks sleeker instead of rounder and fuller. It has dramatic effect on her face, though, because the change has been very obvious.

When you look at little Lindsay in the Parent’s Trap or other of her early works, you may not predict that she would grow up into such a problematic young woman. However, it happened and the cosmetic surgery happened. All those Lindsay Lohan surgery procedures altered her look very dramatically and the impact would certainly be with her for years to come.