Paula Abdul Surgery to Enhance Her Performa

People have long been assuming that Paula Abdul has done a couple of plastic surgeries. In any case, Paula Abdul surgery adventure has been an elegant story to date. Though, you cannot state the equivalent for her unscripted television show judging profession. She has abstained from resembling her face has been shaped by a kindergartner… Read More


Pamela Anderson Surgery Addiction and How It Ruined Her Pretty Face

70 Cannes Film Festival that held in 2017, has left people shocked when Pamela Anderson made an appearance. It is not the dress, nor the makeup. Pamela Anderson shocked everyone by her unrecognizable face, arguably looked remarkably younger, due to series of surgical procedures. Pamela Anderson surgery around the late 1990’s is not a secret… Read More


Complete List of Christina Aguilera Surgery Rumors That Shocked People

Probably Christina Aguilera has been consuming water on fountain of youth, or it might be just few CC anti-wrinkle liquid of Botox and filler. When she made public appearance in 2018 with stiff and puffier face than usual, people started to question whether she has undergone plastic surgery. She has not addressed the changing on… Read More


Kourtney Kardashian Surgery: Why Don’t We Just Talk about It?

Every time Kourtney Kardashian makes a public appearance, it seems like she there is always a change in her facial features. It almost seems like she morphs into Kim Kardashian bit by bit. People are not even surprised anymore by the possibility of the Kardashians doing some kind of cosmetic interventions whether to their bodies… Read More


Exposing The Famous Kendall Jenner Surgery Procedures

As a member of Kardashian family, Kendall Jenner has been living under spotlight since her television debut at the age of thirteen. Having fans and the public eyeing her appearance since so young, it cannot be helped that every single change, even the minor one, will be the talk of the town. People has questioned… Read More


Nicki Minaj Surgery and the Issues about the Surgical Procedures

Surely, people know the name of Nicki Minaj. She has become one of the new superstars. She is known as the great songwriter and rapper. However, music is not the only things that boost her popularity. Her fame also comes from her sexy and glamorous look. Even, she set wider fields of her popularity and… Read More

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Courtney Love Surgery and Some Types of Procedures Taken By Her

Plastic surgery becomes common things right now. This is common especially for those who are always spotted by cameras and need to maintain their popularity. Since they are afraid of the age and the wrinkles, they choose to make some modification, so they can be more attractive and age will be powerless to take their… Read More