Dolly Parton Surgey from Time to Time

Dolly Parton surgery is an interesting subject. The American singer is one of the celebrities around the world to have numerous plastic surgery procedures that apparently alter their appearance quite drastically. Dolly Parton is now in her 70s and she still looks stunning, thanks to all those cosmetic procedures done over the years. Well-Known Dolly… Read More

pretty-nicole snooki

Nicole Snooki Surgery List Her Fans Need to Know

Nicole Snooki surgery procedures are numerous. The Jersey Shore star is one of the celebrities that have no reservation in admitting about their plastic surgery. Snooki, also known by her real name Nicole Polizzi, has indeed done a lot of procedures in making her appearance better and better. She even documented her plastic surgery journey… Read More

pretty-kate hudson

Kate Hudson Surgery Rumors and Speculation

Plastic surgery may be a product that’s highly in demand, particularly regarding celebrities. Celebrity cosmetic surgery has been a supply of fascination for many years. In addition, the speculation regarding who might or might not have gone underneath the knife has much become a national diversion. Kate Hudson surgery as for all terribly known and… Read More

gorgeous-priscilla presley

Priscilla Presley Surgery and the Disaster Coming From the Surgery

Elvis Presley is known as the legendary stars. All people know him and his popularity still continues even after he passed away. His great work and popularity is not only known because of his great musical careers. He also becomes great actresses with many titles of movies and various achievements. Surely, he is the legendary… Read More

popular-actress-jennifer grey

Jennifer Grey Surgery and Her Regrets on the Surgery

Being famous as a superstar of course becomes great achievement. Many people want to get this achievement. It is like symbol of prosperity and people think that these will always give the stars wealth and happiness. Unfortunately, it is not totally true. In fact, world of fame also has competitions and this will make people… Read More

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Gwyneth Paltrow surgery and Her Statement Regarding the Surgery

There are many superstars that show good lifestyle. They do the good and healthy lifestyle in order to make them look more attractive and keep their performance. One of the superstars that show the good life is Gwyneth Paltrow. She is known as the partner of Tony Stark in movies of Iron Man. The good… Read More


Bella Thorne Surgery and the Good Results on Her Appearance

There are many talented actresses and actors in the world. Most of them can be found in Hollywood. It is like the place where all talented super stars appear and show their shining appearance. However, between them, of course there are also some competitions and these making them have to always look good, even better… Read More


Tara Reid Surgery Tragic Story and Its Impact

Tara Reid surgery is a tragic and embarrassing story for the actress for sure. Everyone in Hollywood has probably gone under the knife to look good and more appealing. Tara probably had the same intention but unfortunately her journey on plastic surgery was not too smooth. Interested? Keep reading the story down below. How Tara… Read More