Blake Lively Surgery and the Good Shape of Her Nose

In the world of fame, especially in Hollywood, it is not merely about the good skills in acting. In fact, the appearance also gets some point of attention. Even, it becomes the second important points after the acting skills. Unfortunately, no one is born with perfect beauty and body features. There can be some parts that make people disappointed and these should be hidden or solved. Plastic surgery becomes one of the solutions. In this case, it will be interesting to see information regarding the Blake Lively Surgery. As one of the stars in Hollywood, her life always got spotted.

Some Interesting Points about Blake Lively Surgery


People must have known the name of Blake Lively. She got her popularity after her awesome appearance in the Gossip Girl. The TV show brought her popularity in Hollywood. However, she actually started her career in acting since she was teenager. Yet, she did not get spotted and the TV show of Gossip Girl is the one that brought her the fame. She is nice woman. Her appearance is stunning. However, it seems that she is not fully satisfied, so she took plastic surgery and it was to change the appearance of her nose. These are some interesting points about it.

  1. Nose job surgery

Nose job surgery is also known as the rhinoplasty. This is kind of surgery to change and make the nose look better. It is what was taken by Blake Lively. She took the surgery, although the she did not give clear confirmation or comment about it. However, some photo comparisons showed the fact and there are also some experts in plastic surgery that confirmed it.

Specifically, she made her nose look slimmer. On the previous photos, the nose looked bigger and flatter. The big bumps on the nose also became the point to get attention in the nose job. After the surgery, her nose looks much better. It is said that some part of the cartilages was removed to reshape the nose. Now, she looks stunning with flatter nose and it is more pointing. Some experts say that the result of Blake Lively Surgery is perfect and really shows great work of surgery.

  1. Price of the plastic surgery

Although she does not give any clear confirmation about the Blake Lively Surgery, the fact and photo comparisons already say it. Since she did not give any clue, the price is also unknown. However, it can be predicted. Based on many resources, she spent $7,300 for the nose job surgery. It is not the highest cost of plastic surgery to find in Hollywood. Moreover, she only focuses on the nose job.

  1. Rumors

Then, there are also other Blake Lively Surgery rumors and it is about the breast surgery. Again, some photos show some changes on her breast. Yet, it is not confirmed and some people still argue that the changes are not significant, so they are not really sure about the rumors.

Those are some facts and interesting things about the plastic surgery on Blake Lively. Regardless her confirmation, surely the result looks great on her face. The new shape of her hose makes her look more beautiful and it is not kind of drastic changes that make people easily recognize it. Surely, Blake Lively Surgery works well.