Britney Spears Surgery on Her Lip and Other Speculations

All stars have fans and the fans can always have great attention on the idol. Of course, when it is Britney Spears, surely she gets lots of fan. She is one of the stunning women. She gets her popularity in various fields and it is not only as actress. She is also dancer, singer, and even song writer. Because of these, many people loves her and pay attention to her appearance. It is also how people can spot the Britney Spears surgery.

Things to Know about Britney Spears Surgery


Britney Spears looked so beautiful since she was teenager. In her early appearance, she showed stunning beauty and charming face. All people loved her and it still happens until know although she already walks in the world of fame for years. Of course, people get older and they always want to look good, even they want to look better. It is also what she does through cosmetics and also plastic surgery.

  1. Lips filler

When talking about Britney Spears surgery, her lip will get the first attention to see. Based on some comparisons, her lips get some changes and now it looks thicker and more visible than before. It shows the work of lip filler. Related to this, Britney Spears do not deny the fact. Even, she confirmed that that she took lip filler to make her lips more stunning. It is good point since no one will speculate about it. Moreover, the result is great. It makes her more attractive, and it still looks natural, even until now after some years of the surgery.

  1. Nose job

Then, some fans and media also give attention to her pointy and striking nose. This makes some people speculate that there is another Britney Spears surgery. Unfortunately, she did not give any confirmation about it. She only said that she always gets cosmetic treatment and weight control to keep her appearance, yet she did not say anything about the nose. Of course, it still becomes big questions.  In addition to it, some media and fans also said that she got botox to hide the aging signs in her face. The cheeks and bone around them are said to get surgery, yet it also did not get any confirmation.

  1. Cost for the plastic surgery

Unfortunately, she does not reveal the fact about the cost for her lip filler. Moreover, there is also another rumor about the Britney Spears surgery. However, when the surgery only focuses on the lip and nose, it will not make her in the top list of artists with the highest cost for the plastic surgery.

So far, it is only the surgery on her lip that gets confirmation. Even, Britney Spears revealed the fact and she did not deny it. Yet, there is no clue about the other surgeries. Even if there are other surgeries conducted on her face, things are to hide the aging effect. Moreover, the changes still look natural and it does not make her look so different than before the surgery, so Britney Spears surgery really gives good things.