Cameron Diaz Surgery Speculations and Rumors

Cameron Diaz surgery is something very debatable. There is no doubt that the movie star is a grace of beauty. If you look at her appearance in “The Mask” or in any movies in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, you will notice that she was incredibly beautiful and natural. However, as she aged, it did not happen very naturally. Everyone suspects that Cameron has had cosmetic surgery.

What Cameron Diaz Surgery She Has?

pretty-cameron diaz

Today’s Cameron Diaz looks very much different from what she looked 20 years ago. She obviously aged but not naturally. People can easily see that the movie star has done something to her face over the years. What kind of Cameron Diaz surgery she had and what are the impacts on her face? Here is the more information for you.

  1. Botox Injections

There is no doubt that Cameron Diaz has botox injection. Everyone, common people to experts, can tell that botox has been injected multiple times to her face. The result of botox, mostly the one she injected on her forehead, is the huge distance between her eyebrows and her hairline. The gap is way bigger and it does not happen naturally of course.

Her brows look flatter, too. They are probably too flat that they do not look natural at all. The brows are lower, way lower, than it should be on normal ones, too. These impacts helplessly get noticeable as she got older because the skin got less and less elastic and the expose all the botox impacts on her face.

  1. Nose Job

It is believed that one of the Cameron Diaz surgery procedures that she has done is the nose job. The tip of her nose is very much thinner and looks like it has been pinched. Back then in the 1990’s, Cameron had a very noticeable broad-tipped nose. There is no doubt that she had done something on her nose to alter its appearance. It was not uncommon, though, for actresses to do this procedure.

The nose job that she had done was probably the one to alter the tip of her nose, making it very thin and very appealing. The impact of this surgery was not too obvious back then. However, it got more and more noticeable over the years and everyone has no doubt that the Charlie’s Angels actress has gone under cosmetic surgery.

  1. Cheek Fillers

As she aged, Cameron’s cheeks look more and more unnatural. They are too firm and full. So much so, they do not look real at all. A lot of people has suspected that she had surgery on the cheek because they look higher and bigger, too. The Cameron Diaz surgery on the cheek is believed to be cheek filler procedure.

With or without cosmetic surgery, Cameron Diaz is still magnificent. She is truly beautiful and talented. All those Cameron Diaz surgery procedures were probably done as mandatory requirement in Hollywood to stay attractive and fresh. Even without them, the movie star is actually going to look gracious, still.