Carrot Top Surgery and Some Drastic Changes on His Face Appearance

When talking about plastic surgery, there can be many kinds of interesting discussions. Nowadays, it is no longer as taboo as in the old days to discuss about the surgery. There are many actresses and celebrities that have the surgery to upgrade their appearance. These are not only for women, but there are also men who choose to have the surgery to make them look better. Although some people do not confirm and deny the rumors of the surgery, it does not change the fact since the differences can be found. It is also what happened on Carrot Top. There are some rumors about Carrot Top Surgery and these can become interesting discussion.

Things about the Carrot Top Surgery

Carrot Top is not known as the famous actors in Hollywood. Yet, he gets his popularity as comedian. He is a nice performer and people wait for his great jokes whenever he appears on stages. Actually, it is not his real name. His name is actually Scott Thompson, yet now his stage name is more popular than his real name.


Related to the popularity, there are also speculations about the plastic surgery.

  1. Facelift

First point about Carrot Top Surgery is the facelift. The fans noticed the drastic change on his face and it was in 1995. People spotted the difference and the modification surely gives big changes on his face. Even, it is predicted that he got more than just one surgery for the facelift. Yet, he did not say anything about it. Unfortunately, the drastic changes already speak and it will be hard to deny.

  1. Eyebrow lifting

It is not only facelift. His eyebrows even became the target of Carrot Top Surgery. As the changes on his face, the eyebrows also got so different. These look so unnatural and the shape may astonish people who see him for the first time. Even, it is said that the eyebrow lifting came together with the lip plumping, yet these still do not get any denial from Carrot Top and it made people being sure that he conducted plastic surgery, especially by considering the lifting eyebrow on his face.

  1. Botox

Facelift and the eyebrow were not considered as enough modification. That is why there are rumors of other Carrot Top Surgery. It is about the botox. Specifically, it changed the skin on his face. Some people speculated that all of these treatments were done to make him look younger. Unfortunately, the results did not work well as the expectation. Even, some people said that he looked strange with the new look after the surgery.

Those are some points regarding the plastic surgeries taken by Carrot Top. Based on some comments and opinions, the changes made into his appearance are too drastic and these do not fully bring good things or improvement on his face. That is why the plastic surgery controversy got spotted. Even, there were also rumors about the steroids. The rumors appeared since he looked more muscular than before and he got instant muscles on his body. These drastic changes of Carrot Top Surgery surely become interesting discussion to see.