Tom Cruise Surgery List and Information

Tom Cruise surgery is highly debatable in these recent years. The Mission Impossible star is indeed very controversial in many ways, starting from his persistence on Scientology to his facial appearance. The Oscar-nominated actor is suspected to have numerous procedures on his face to keep his look remains young and appealing. Tom Cruise Surgery Procedures… Read More


Zac Efron Surgery, the Secret to Look More Gorgeous

Fans just cannot get over the changes of Zac Efron’s appearance overtime. Normally, you will find someone looking less appealing as time goes by. It is not the case with the actor slash singer. He looks even more gorgeous as years pass. Zac Efron surgery is responsible for the actor’s transformation over the time. What… Read More

David Bowie

Is David Bowie Having Plastic Surgery?

David Bowie was reported he’s had extensive cosmetic procedures, however this rumor have denied by Bowie himself. He reportedly was having outrage when the media reported such news. The only work to improve his appearance is dental work, Bowie stated. You could say that David Bowie has had plastic surgery was nothing but rumors. Nevertheless,… Read More

Kevin Costner : I Will Never Choose to Have Cosmetic Work Done

As we know, nowadays, there are many celebrities go to surgeon to have plastic surgery to have a better look. But it is not for Kevin Costner. Kevin Costner is one of the best American actor, musician, singer, director, and producer. He is now 58 years old, but he didn’t think to have plastic surgery… Read More

Roger Moore

Roger Moore Had Taken Facelift?

We often heard the media said that one of the Bond’s actors, Roger Moore, had had plastic surgery. The rumors spread after his physical appearance seems never significantly changing. We have to admit that Roger Moore is not young anymore but we can see clearly that there are no extreme aging signs appear on his… Read More

Elton John

Is Elton John Having Any Plastic Surgery?

There are many ways that you could do to make your appearance look more attractive. One of the most common ways to make your appearance more attractive is through plastic surgery. You could find various types of plastic surgery treatment these days. Some celebrities are also rumored have plastic surgery in order to change their… Read More

William Shatner

Is It Natural? William Shatner in his 80s and Still Look Good

Some people may question about William Shatner and how he manage to look good in his 82 years old. Is it plastic surgery? Well, Shatner denied any accusation that said about him being under the knife. He said once that he never had any cosmetic surgery and some people believe it while other people not.… Read More


Prince, a Vegetarian Who Is Free From Plastic Surgery

Prince is an American singer, songwriter, musician, arranger, composer, dancer, record producer, and an actor. He is a very talented musician and considered as a multi – instrumentalist musician who mastered several music instruments like guitar, clavinet, piano, bass guitar, percussion, harmonica, saxophone, and keyboard. Although Prince still looks perfect and young in his age… Read More