Burt Reynolds

Is Burt Reynolds Facelift True?

Rumors are everywhere about Burt Reynolds facelift. In 77 years of age, the wrinkles are so few on Reynolds face. Last years, the rumors were reached the top when people see Reynolds face was look like a plastic doll. On the other hand, Burt Reynolds denied all the facelift rumors and said he want to… Read More

Has Brad Pitt Had Plastic Surgery?

Who didn’t know Brad Pitt? He is one of the best looking American actor and film producer. Lately, there is a rumor said that he has done a plastic surgery. The rumor said that this 49 years old actor has Botox, facial filler and probably laser treatment. Besides that, there is a rumor said that… Read More

Rupert Everett

Is Rupert Everett Stop Plastic Surgery?

A few years ago, the world talked about the obvious changes on Rupert Everett face. The bloated face was the obvious sign of plastic surgery when all wrinkles he had seemed to disappear instantly. The rumors were he had the Botox injection, facelift, and cheek implants. He suddenly looked like a plastic doll while some… Read More

Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield Admitted that His Plastic Surgery Might Gone Wrong

Female artists are not the ones who tend to do the cosmetic surgery since more and more male artists were reported to have several plastic surgeries on their body, especially the face. Rick Springfield is one of them. About Rick Springfield plastic surgery, the news is not merely rumor since Rick Springfield himself already admitted… Read More

Robert Redford

Robert Redford Is against Plastic Surgery but Evidence Say the Contrary

Robert Redford said that he wanted to grow old gracefully and he would never follow the plastic surgery trend in Hollywood. However, people do not believe all words that come from the celebrity. No matter what Robert Redford has said, people still talk about the possibility of Robert Redford plastic surgery, especially since people see… Read More

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone Has Done Plastic Surgery Due to Facial Problems

The news of Sylvester Stallone plastic surgery occurred during Venice Film Festival in 2009. Many people believe that this actor has done the plastic surgery. It is based on his appearance at that time in which he looks different than before. Some people stated that his appearance was not natural anymore. When hearing about this… Read More

Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke Has Taken A Lot Of Plastic Surgeries to Improve His Face

Nowadays, the cosmetic or plastic surgery done by the celebrities are not a new issue. Many celebrities have admitted to undergo the plastic surgery on their body or face. There are various reasons why the celebrities did it. It can be on the purpose of repairing the imperfect part, it can be to repair the… Read More