Mary-Louise Parker

Is Mary-Louise Parker Having Botox and Laser Treatment?

Many celebrities have been targeted by rumors, and certainly Mary-Louise Parker is one of them. What kind of rumor we are talking about? Well, since Hollywood is a land where rumor about plastic surgery could become hot commodity to sell, then we will try to connect plastic surgery and Mary-Louise Parker altogether. This rumor was… Read More

Is Laura Dern Having Plastic Surgery?

According to some resource, including Daily Mail, Laura Dern is one of the Hollywood actresses who reject cosmetic procedures – contrast to actual facts, we knew the procedures as common thing the Hollywood actresses would like to have. So when there is rumor about Laura Dern has had plastic surgery, surely it would be stopped… Read More

Diane Keaton

Is Diane Keaton having Fillers?

If you are looking at Diane Keaton pictures, perhaps you would spot something unusual regarding her appearance. We called “unusual” because her face is having youthful appearance – something that is really strange for an old woman. Yes, Diane Keaton is 67 years old and she should have had loosing or sagged skin – we… Read More

Anne Hathaway Looks like has had Breast Augmentation

Photos could show you the truth about whether Anne Hathaway has had plastic surgery, especially breast augmentation. Anne Hathaway who was flat chest is now having bigger breast. Although she denied having breast augmentation, many people, even the experts, believe she has plastic surgery to make her 34C. The different is so obvious that even… Read More

Jenna Jamison is Open about Her Various Cosmetic Enhancement

What a woman needs to do to look attractive? Jenna Jamison may work to show the clue. However, she seems doing too much that make her effort is listed as one of the plastic surgery disasters. Sometimes people just go too far beyond the line. There is no exception with the celebrities. Jenna Jamison has… Read More

Neve Campbell

What Did Neve Campbell to Get Great Shape?

Having some doubts on the beautiful look of Neve Campbell today? Some people are speculating about this. She is 40 years old but still looks young, just as she did in 1990s. This gorgeous figure absolutely raises a rumor if she has done cosmetic surgery to her body. However, she never admits anything about this… Read More

Is Carrie-Anne Moss Nose Job Rumor True?

People see the same nose from many pictures of Carrie-Anne Moss. However, the weird look of her nose makes people speculating about the possibility of unsuccessful nose job. Carrie-Anne Moss nose is a little bit wonky and whacked. People were speculated that Carrie-Anne Moss has had the nose job before she became famous as actress.… Read More

Madeleine Stowe

Madeleine Stowe Denied Plastic Surgery

Although rumors say yes, Madeleine Stowe keeps on say no. Stowe denied all rumors about lip augmentation and eyelid surgery. She even denied having Botox injection on her very smooth forehead when the experts said the evidence is obvious. She said her face and body is free from plastic and she never gone under knife… Read More