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Priscilla Presley Surgery and the Disaster Coming From the Surgery

Elvis Presley is known as the legendary stars. All people know him and his popularity still continues even after he passed away. His great work and popularity is not only known because of his great musical careers. He also becomes great actresses with many titles of movies and various achievements. Surely, he is the legendary… Read More


Carrot Top Surgery and Some Drastic Changes on His Face Appearance

When talking about plastic surgery, there can be many kinds of interesting discussions. Nowadays, it is no longer as taboo as in the old days to discuss about the surgery. There are many actresses and celebrities that have the surgery to upgrade their appearance. These are not only for women, but there are also men… Read More

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Bruce Jenner Surgery: From Bruce to Caitlyn

Bruce Jenner surgery is a really interesting celebrity-related topic for years. The Keep It Up with The Kardashian’s star is quite controversial, though. Bruce was a famous, manly athlete but over the years the athlete started to show feminine side and eventually underwent a gender reassignment surgery and transitioning into a female, now known by… Read More

Anne Hathaway Looks like has had Breast Augmentation

Photos could show you the truth about whether Anne Hathaway has had plastic surgery, especially breast augmentation. Anne Hathaway who was flat chest is now having bigger breast. Although she denied having breast augmentation, many people, even the experts, believe she has plastic surgery to make her 34C. The different is so obvious that even… Read More

Is Maria Shriver Having Botox?

It looks like that Maria Shriver has had plastic surgery, but every fans of her are waiting for some confession, although it is absolutely that we never hear any confession from her mouth – at least until now. However, it is said that Maria Shriver has had a facelift, judging from some rumors. However, some… Read More

Donatella Versace

Donatella Versace Could Be One Example of the Worst Plastic Surgery

Among many plastic surgery failures, many people believe that Donatella Versace plastic surgery is one of them. Donatella herself only admitted botox as the only facial procedure she took and she herself said that genetically her face was not like today. However, the evidences of DonatellaVersace plastic surgery are everywhere in the internet where people… Read More

Chelsea Clinton

Did Chelsea Clinton Have Plastic Surgery?

Rumors said that Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of the former USA president Bill Clinton, has done the plastic surgery. She never admits to have the plastic surgery, but many people believe that Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery was true for she came as a stunning and fabulous bride in her wedding ceremony. No one can deny… Read More