Monica Bellucci: I’m Not Afraid of Getting Older

An Italian actress, Monica Bellucci promoted her new film “L’amour et la paix” recently. The 49-year-old woman still looks great and very good looking at her latest appearance. She talked about maternity and cinema. She decided to become a mother at the age of 37. And it was a real luxury moment. She married to… Read More

Nastassja Kinski

Did Nastassja Kinski Go for Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery seems to be a part of Hollywood celebrities’ life. It is no wonder if public judge every beautiful and handsome stars from their physical appearance. There is no exception with Nastassja Kinski. She is not young anymore, but still has charming smile and beautiful look. People speculate whether she has ever taken cosmetic… Read More

Phoebe Cates

Phoebe Cates Natural Looks without Nose Job or Botox Injection

Phoebe Cates is a famous American actress, entrepreneur, and model. She is known from her beauty. Now she decided to retire from entertainment industry and focus to be a good entrepreneur. Although today there are plenty of old superstar who decided to take plastic surgery, there is no single news or report about Cates taking… Read More

Penelope Cruz

Several Plastic Surgeries That Penelope Cruz probably Has Taken

Penelope Cruz is a beautiful Hollywood actress who is known for her pretty Spanish face. Although she never admits that she takes several plastic surgeries, we can compare her old picture with the newest picture of Penelope and we can find several differences. Penelope rumored to have several plastic surgeries during her career in Hollywood… Read More

The Beautiful Face of Rachel Weisz, with or without Botox Injection?

Rachel Weisz is an actress who still looks perfect and beautiful although her age is nearly 40. People still wonder how she never looks old and always pretty although her age is not young anymore. Gossip said that Rachel had several plastic surgeries to made her face looked younger and reshape several parts in her… Read More


Did Tiffany SNSD Have Eyelid Surgery?

All SNSD members are full of plastic surgery rumors. Tiffany is no exception. The hottest rumor about Tiffany plastic surgery is eyelid surgery. The rumors spread out since Korean artists are very close with plastic surgery, especially on the eyelid to make the eyes bigger. Tiffany herself, similar with other members always tries hard to… Read More

Did Jennifer Connely Take Breast Reduction Surgery?

Looking skinnier, Jennifer Connelly denies for taking cosmetic surgery to improve her appearance. Everyone has right to do whether they think it is the best for them, including celebrities. When the Hollywood stars seem making changes, public will shoot the eyesight to them and make the judgment. Jennifer Connely is just one of those targeted… Read More

Nose Job and Lip Injection on Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel is one of most beautiful Hollywood actress right now. People know Jessica from her pretty and perfect face. But there are several rumors that spread about some plastic surgery like lip injection and rhinoplasty she did in order to make her face more beautiful. Some websites compare Jessica’s face before she took plastic… Read More

Rosie Huntington

Did Rosie Huntington Have Plastic Surgery?

There are rumors in media said that professional model and stress, Rosie Huntington had taken cosmetic surgery procedures. From the pictures posted in media, we can see the differences of her face before the surgical procedure and after. We can simply see that her lips have clearly been pumped up. By comparing the pictures, it… Read More

Elle Macpherson

Things You Should Know about Elle Macpherson Plastic Surgery

Elle Macpherson is one of the most famous supermodels. As a supermodel, physical appearance is one of the most essential things that she needs to notice. She is beautiful indeed. However, her beauty sometimes brings some rumors as well. Elle Macpherson has been rumored has several plastic surgery. Elle never gives any clarification to these… Read More