Clay Aiken Surgery and His Great Confession

Those who love American Idol must have known Clay Aiken. He is one of the contestant in this popular even to find great singer. After that, he gained his popularity. However, his popularity did not shine brightly as the other singers coming from certain singing contests. His name started to appear again when there is big news about Clay Aiken surgery. This was surely a shocking news at that time and it surely made his name spotted again by media and many people. Related to the news, it will be interesting to see the surgery taken by Clay Aiken.

Interesting Stories about Clay Aiken Surgery


Before his appearance and statement in the talk show where he said about the plastic surgery, there were already many kinds of rumors and stories about the surgical method. Fans and media were always smart to spot differences and made analysis based on the photos. However, it seems that he was not quite popular so the rumors got evaporated easily. Things got clearer once he made the confession and it made all speculations came to the surface again.

  1. His confession

Plastic surgery does not become taboo things anymore. It already becomes common facts and many celebrities, both actors and actresses, have the surgery to keep and even enhance their performance. However, it seems that confirming and delivering confession about the surgery still becomes difficult things, yet it is not for Clay Aiken. In a talk show, he said and confessed that he had the plastic surgery. Of course, these were considered as great bravery and some people appreciate what he had done regarding the Clay Aiken surgery.

  1. Jaw and chin surgery

In the talk show, he clearly said that he had some surgery on his jaw and chin. For Clay Aiken surgery on his jaw, he reshaped his jaw. In fact, this is considered as the good surgery. This decision has made the runner up of 2003 American idols look more handsome. Some also said that he got more masculine after the surgery. Regarding his chin, it seemed that it removed the double-chin and it made him have round and balance chin. The fat was sucked from the chin and the result was great. Surely, these two surgeries become good decision taken by him.

  1. Rhinoplasty

He had made confirmation about Clay Aiken surgery. It was surely good thing, but it also triggered rumors about the other surgery. Some people said that he also did another surgery and it was on his nose. The rhinoplasty was the rumor, but Clay Aiken never said anything about it. He even did not give any respond and tended to deny the rumors. However, some photos and comparisons were quite clear showing the differences on his nose.

Surely, his bravery and honesty in saying about his plastic surgery becomes big news. Not all people can say about this and that is why he got appreciations. Moreover, the results of his surgery showed the good things and he looks much better with the refined chin and jaw. However, there are always rumors and the confession has created some rumors about the Clay Aiken surgery, especially on the rhinoplasty.