Complete List of Christina Aguilera Surgery Rumors That Shocked People

Probably Christina Aguilera has been consuming water on fountain of youth, or it might be just few CC anti-wrinkle liquid of Botox and filler. When she made public appearance in 2018 with stiff and puffier face than usual, people started to question whether she has undergone plastic surgery. She has not addressed the changing on her unrecognizable appearances since then. Including the injection, below are few possible Christina Aguilera surgery that has been becoming public’s interest for a while now.


Possible Christina Aguilera Surgery That Has Been Circulating For Years

  1. Wrinkle Removal

Christina was 30 years old in 2010, when she spotted with predictable soft and wrinkle free facial skin. Her forehead is also smooth, with the absence of wrinkles in expression which is a significant indication of Botox injection. Following pictures in 2018 showed her forehead is becoming even smoother to the point where it looks plastic. Injecting Botox can result in paralyzed and relaxed muscles, and prevent muscle contractions. It is likely that Christina Aguilera surgery has happened multiple times, judging by how rigid her facial expressions are.

  1. Breast augmentation

If one examined the state of Christina’s appearance when she just started her career in 1990 and compared it with her looks recently, there is no doubt they would notice that she has done a boob job. Some people argued that it is merely the effect of weight gain or pregnancy. If it was the case, she can be considered lucky as she gain weight disproportionately in her breasts. It doesn’t help that her breast are now in almost perfect circular shape and much rounder than before.

  1. Nose Job

There is this rumor that Christina Aguilera surgery on the nose has happened even before her debut as singer. However the major change happened years after that, when in 2010, her nose shape appears to become more balanced. The base is thinner and the tip is broader.  The awkward bulge of her nose, that somewhat looks bulbous is disappeared. Her nostrils appear more evened and opened.

  1. Lip augmentation

Christina Aguilera lips might be injected with fillers, also known a lip augmentation. The shape of her lips seems to be fuller than before. Fortunately, instead of making it fake looking like some other celebrities, it turns out just fine and ordinary. It looks different indeed, but not in a bad way. If you happened to compare her photos from early 2000 where she had pretty thin top lip and her photos from 2018 where her upper lip appear fuller. It is estimated that Christina Aguilera surgery on lip costs about $250 to $1250.

Christina has not opened up about the rumors of her surgery. However Christina Aguilera surgery evidences are clearly there. Since she has not confirmed any of the reports, all of the procedures above are merely speculation. It’s understandable for her to undergone specific alterations as she always expected to show herself in no less than perfect way. To get better appearance, a lot of celebrities, including her peers opt to go with surgery options.