Courtney Love Surgery and Some Types of Procedures Taken By Her

Plastic surgery becomes common things right now. This is common especially for those who are always spotted by cameras and need to maintain their popularity. Since they are afraid of the age and the wrinkles, they choose to make some modification, so they can be more attractive and age will be powerless to take their beauty. There are many actresses and actors who decided to conduct the plastic surgery and Courtney Love is one of them. Of course, there are also some points to know about this Courtney Love surgery.

Story about Courtney Love Surgery

 beautiful-courtney love

Those who love music in the 90s surely know Courtney Love. She was the famous musician at that time. She was one of the famous female musicians with great skills in playing some instruments. However, the most popular things about her are the relationship with the legendary Court Cobain. It is said that after his controversial suicide, Courtney Love was the one who got the right of his music and other works. Of course, other than these stories, there are also some issues about her plastic surgery.

  1. Rhinoplasty

First issue of Courtney Love surgery is about the rhinoplasty. This is the surgical method that is dedicated to reshape and refine nose and the area around this organ. Some surgeries are quite simple, but there are also parts that also include the modification of its cartilage. In this case, there was nothing specific regarding the rhinoplasty taken by Courtney Love. However, it is said that she took the plastic surgery more than once. It means that she might find that the first surgery did not give successful results.

At first, she did not say anything about it. Even, she often refused to accept the fact. Yet, photos could show the difference. In the end, she revealed and confirmed the issue. She confessed that she took the plastic surgery.

  1. Breast augmentation

For women, the area of breast also becomes the important spot. Having the big, sexy, and attractive breasts is dream of most women. It seems that Courtney Love also thought the same way. That is why there are some issues of Courtney Love surgery related to her breast. It is said that she took breast augmentation.

The differences were spotted in some photos in the early 2000s. Her breast looked more solid and it is said that there were implants given to her breast. However, she never confirmed and said anything about this augmentation. Until now, it is still part of mystery.

  1. Botox

The other common surgery taken by women is Botox. This is different from the rhinoplasty and breast implant since it will not have big cut to do the surgical process. It is more about injection and it can cover some area of body. In the rumors of Courtney Love surgery, the Botox is predicted in the area of face.

Many people said so since she showed no bows while she was smiling. At her age, it was quite impossible to hide the bows even when she was using thick cosmetics and make ups. Some photos also showed some differences in the face. Yet, she also did not say anything about the surgery.

Even if Courtney Love never said anything about the surgery, the news and rumors kept talking about this. In the end, she said that she took the rhinoplasty, yet the other issues were denied. Regardless the fact, the Courtney Love surgery was considered quite successful.