Did Lady Gaga Have Plastic Surgery ?

“Born This Way” is how Lady Gaga encourages people to love anything that God has given to them. Lady Gaga strongly said no to plastic surgery since she thinks that plastic surgery is promoting insecurities. It will be harmful for every person. However, there are still rumors about Lady Gaga plastic surgery. Some people believe she had a nose job and facelift. Although there is no obvious evidence, people do not want to stop the rumor. In addition, many people believe if it is true that Lady Gaga did not do any plastic surgery, in the future when she is getting old, plastic surgery can be her only way to keep her happiness.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

The rumors will never stop since Lady Gaga is a very big superstar. Her successful albums, including “The FAME”, “The Fame Monster”, and “Born This Way” made her so famous with people always follow her updates. The labral tear on her right hip that forced her to have hip surgery did not stop her to continue her career. She immediately recovered and now she is promoting her new album “Artpop”. With so many controversies in her life, Lady Gaga seems to fully enjoy her life.

Lady Gaga Nose Job Before and After

Did Lady Gaga Get Nose Job ?

If you are a fan of Lady Gaga, you may agree with her about harmful plastic surgery. Of course, insecurity feeling that make people choose to take plastic surgery could be harmful. On the other hand, many people were born with imperfection while makeup could do nothing to hide it. Plastic surgery is the option to get rid of the imperfection to obtain the true physical beauty. The choice of course, depends on the personal thought and condition. As long as you understand the consequences of plastic surgery and you are okay with it, plastic surgery is your option. However, maintaining natural beauty is also a good option so you will never look weird.