Emma Thompson Thinks that Plastic Surgery is against Her Morals

Plastic surgery might be one of the most popular types of surgery among celebrities. There are so many celebrities that are rumored have plastic surgery. You also could find various types of plastic surgery from nose job to breast augmentation. The common reason people have plastic surgery is to make their look better. Emma Thompson is one of the celebrities that are rumored having plastic surgery. Her face seems like going through some changes. However, according to Emma, plastic surgery is against her morals and she will not get any plastic surgery ever. This statement is definitely different to the rumors. So now it’s very clear that Emma Thompson never has any plastic surgery and will not get any in the near future.

Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson

Among talented actresses that you could find these days, Emma Thompson is definitely one of a kind. Emma has play in various amazing movies such as Howards End and Sense and Sensibility. Besides plays in various awards winning movies, Emma also play some roles in movies with family theme. Up until today, Emma Thompson has won various awards, including Oscar and BAFTA Award. Her talent in movie industry is definitely great. There are many new actresses who choose her as their role model. Her personal life doesn’t get too much attention. There are no affairs and her marriage seems quite happy.

Emma Thompson Before And After Plastic Surgery?Emma Thompson Before And After Plastic Surgery?

When asked her opinion about plastic surgery, Emma Thompson said that plastic surgery is something that against her morals. Even though she’s quite old now, but her look seems still fresh and she looks great as well. No wonder there are some rumors that said Emma has plastic surgery. However, the rumors seem not true. According to Emma, she never has any kind of plastic surgery and she will not get them as well. Emma also said that there are many other healthy ways to make her appearance looks great without having any plastic surgery. Emma Thompson even takes a pledge and swear that she never get plastic surgery in her life.