Everything about Angelina Jolie Surgery Fans Need to Know

Angelina Jolie surgery is something everyone talks about, especially when the award season is coming in and the gracious movie star is posing on the red carpet. Angelina has been in the movie industry basically since she was very little. It makes it easier for people to notice any changes on her appearance. Interested? Here is more for you.

How Angelina Jolie Surgery Affects Her Appearance


Angelina Jolie has never admitted that she has done plastic surgery procedure. Her numerous fans around the world defend the superstar, claiming that the beauty of the star is completely natural. However, it is hard to buy, though. So, what kinds of Angelina Jolie surgery public say she has? Below is the list for you to read.

  1. The Infamous Lip Injection

When you are talking about Angelina Jolie’s facial feature, the first thing that will come to mind is her infamous lips. Her lips are so thick and full. It is so full that when she smiles she looks like she’s pouting. The full lips are suspected to be the result of plastic surgery because in the 1990’s, her lips are nothing like that. They were thin and not so full.

Public generally believed that the Oscar-winning actress had lip injection back in the early 2000’s. The procedure was very famous and in trend back in the time. Angelina was probably just trying to keep up with the trend and eventually liked it. This is why she probably has kept doing the procedure for the next many years to keep her lips look fuller all the time.

  1. Nose Job / Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty or better known as nose job has probably also done by Angelina. This Angelina Jolie surgery was most possibly done in the early 2010’s when her relationship with Brad Pitt was so on fire. The rhinoplasty caused her nose to be smaller, including the nostril. It also made the nose bone looked straighter. Before the surgery, Angelina’s nose was slightly bigger that what she has today. She was still very beautiful, though.

  1. Botox between the Brows

In an old magazine where Angelina was on the cover, it can be seen that there is something different with her face. Back then, Angelina had straight brows and narrow forehead. Today, her forehead is wider and the brows are in perfect arches. The changes are mostly contributed to Botox. Botox probably was injected between the brows to make the forehead looks wider and to enhance the appearance of the brows. This Angelina Jolie surgery can also remove wrinkles and conceal the aging signs.

There is no doubt that the “Girl, Interrupted” star is beautiful. She has been beautiful since she was just a little kid. However, to keep being beautiful, it is believed that she has indeed done something on her face. It is not illegal, though. After all, she probably has done all the Angelina Jolie surgery procedures to make sure that she looks fresh and appealing all the time as a public figure.