Exposing The Famous Kendall Jenner Surgery Procedures

As a member of Kardashian family, Kendall Jenner has been living under spotlight since her television debut at the age of thirteen. Having fans and the public eyeing her appearance since so young, it cannot be helped that every single change, even the minor one, will be the talk of the town. People has questioned for long whether Kendall Jenner surgery really happened or not. Despite her constantly denying the rumors, there are definitely some indisputable alterations on her facial features. The list below will try to expose the procedures she has done.

Possible Kendall Jenner Surgery Over The Years


  1. Rhinosplasty

Rhinoplasty or nose job or is one of the most common procedures amongst celebrities. Kendall Jenner surgery decision to change her nose shape may or may not happen, but no doubt her nose structure has changed for the better. Her original, wider nose looks slimmer compared to her teenage years.

The shape alteration first noticed around 2011 when she attended various shows and events. It is becoming much more noticeable in 2015 where the bridge and the tip of her nose becoming narrower. Looks like her nose bridge is smoothed out surgically and the tip is made smaller and more refined.

  1. ForeheadRejuvenation

This procedure also known as eyebrow lift or forehead lift, is intended to improve the forehead, brow, and eye areas by raising soft tissue and the skin. on her forehead and brow is not the most subtle one. Comparing her recent photos and one in 2010, her brows are clearly higher up now. Her eyelid areas are becoming more opened up. It is possible that she used Botox injections, to achieve more “lifted” appearance for her eyebrows.

  1. Lip augmentation

Lip augmentation or lip filler is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Maybe Kendall wanted to catch the thick lips hype train and decided to just do it. Kendall Jenner surgery on lips may be attributed as merely lip liner works, but her lips appear to be constantly more plumped and puffier over the years.

At 2017, after she was doing Instagram clean-up, she made surprising appearance of fuller lip. However, she shut the rumors of lip injection at the speed of light, claimed that she overdrew her lips that day.

  1. Cheek and chin filler

Filler injection sign can be subtle unless it is overdone. It will also deflate after few months. That’s why it is pretty hard to determine whether Kendall has done the procedure or not. The fact is her cheekbone is getting more prominent and higher. Her chin is even undergone subtler alteration than her cheeks. It looks a little bit prolonged and more enhanced, depends on the angle and the lighting she’s under. However, the Kendall Jenner surgery is always possible because her features are slowly looks more refined in less natural way.

Being dubbed as the most “natural” out of other Kardashian family members, Kendall Jenner surgery is not the most dramatic one. Public also agreed that aside from tweaking her nose, some Botox injections, and a few lip filler, she has not done that much to her face.