Has Katy Perry Had Plastic Surgery?

Celebrity like Katy Perry cannot free from rumors. One hot rumor of Katy Perry is about her plastic surgery. It seems that people notice a big change in Katy’s look and many of them believe the change is too dramatic, more than just the work of makeup. The biggest rumor is about her breast surgery since people feel her boobs are too big for her slender body. On the other hand, Katy Perry once said that when she was thirteen she was recommended to reduce her breast size due to her back pain. The next rumor about Katy Perry plastic surgery is the nose job to make her nose thinner. However, people cannot give evidence for it and even plastic surgeons believe that the thin nose is just the result of a perfect makeup.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

It is true that Katy Perry has been through a huge change in her life since her fantastic “Teenage Dream” album became a big hit in the world. The gospel singer girl is now becoming an electro pop-rock queen. Anything about her always attracts people attention. Her unplanned appearance in private wedding rehearsal with Robert Pattinson made people talk about her long-term friendship with the Twilight star. Then, her mindless twit about Chief Keef song “I Hate Being Sober” and Chief Keef violent response on her twit has become another hot topic.

Katy Perry  Plastic Surgery Before and After

Katy Perry Plastic Surgery Before and After

Her plastic surgery is a blur whether it is true or not. We hardly see obvious evidence about it. If it is true, Katy Perry seems to have made a good decision since she looks so hot today. If is not true, women can learn that to become beautiful, plastic surgery may not be the only option. Surely, cosmetics can do some miracles to hide the real face. If you want to have plastic surgery, you need to have a strong reason. you had better think about it carefully and consult with your doctor before you make any decision.