Heidi Montag Surgery Procedures and Disasters

Heidi Montag surgery is never getting left behind when people are talking about celebrities who have done cosmetic surgery to alter their look. Being very famous when she was considerably young, Heidi Montag has been under the scrutinizing look of everyone around the world since as long as she could remember. She has to look perfect all the time and unfortunately she chose plastic surgery to do so.

Heidi Montag Surgery List and What Went Wrong

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The thing about Heidi Montag surgery that went incredibly wrong is the fact that she got addicted to it. It is believed that she has been under the knife for more than 50 times. There are big impacts, of course, on her body and on her face because of all those procedures. Read more to find out the surgery and the impact down below.

  1. Liposuctions

Heidi has done liposuctions literally on every part of her body. She had done the procedure to her waist, hips, and neck. She had done the procedure, too, to correct the look of her inner thighs. It was believed that she could have the procedure more than one times a day to alter her body shape.

  1. Ears Pinned Back

If you look at Heidi’s old picture that shows her ears, you may notice that her ears were pretty unique. They are big and very much protruding. She did not feel good about her ears. That is why after she was famous; she started the Heidi Montag surgery journey by pinning her ears back. This minor surgery corrected the look of her ears, making them smaller and less noticeable.

  1. Botox and Nose Job

There is no doubt that Heidi has botox and nose job done on her face. It made her face looks very unnatural. The botox was mostly injected on her forehead to alter the look of the eyebrows as well. The nose job was done multiple times to make her nose nasal smaller and thinner. As she ages, the impacts of those Heidi Montag surgery procedures are not too pleasant to look at, though.

  1. Chin Reduction and Cheek Fat Injection

If you look at the old pictures of Heidi, she was recognized by her long, pointy chin and her sleek cheek. Heidi was not too happy with the way she looked, apparently, because she had done something to change this look drastically. She had done chin reduction and cheek fat injection.

The procedures made her cheek shorter and less pointy. The cheek becomes fuller, too. Unfortunately, this new look did not make Heidi recognizable anymore, though. Her fans were shocked on how different the star looked compared to her famous pre-surgery face.

The reality TV star has openly admitted about the cosmetic surgery for years. She admitted that she looked and felt like a Barbie doll inside. She also admitted that the Heidi Montag surgery procedures that she had left her with numerous scars all over her body. She said people can have less scars after a car accident than the scars she got from her countless cosmetic surgery.