Iggy Azalea Surgery Rumors and Facts

Iggy Azalea surgery is something legit. Even the Australian rapper had admitted it publically about it. When you look at the picture of Iggy back in her youth, you will notice drastic changes on her facial features, particularly on the lip and on the structure of the face itself. Are they the results of plastic surgery? They sure are.

Was There Any Iggy Azalea Surgery Done?


A lot of celebrities tend to conceal their surgery procedures and wish that their fans keep thinking that their appearance is natural. Iggy Azalea did not care at all, apparently. She openly stated that, yes, she had done several cosmetic surgeries on her body. Here is the list of the Iggy Azalea surgery procedures she has done over the years.

  1. Breast Implants

Iggy seemed to be very proud of this particular surgery. She admitted in April 2015 that she had done a breast augmentation surgery a.k.a boob job a.k.a breast implant surgery. The surgery was done to enhance the size of her breast. The procedure was done in early 2015, probably around January. She admitted that she was very happy and pleased with the result and with the new size of her breasts.

  1. Botox on Jawline

Iggy Azalea seems to have an unnatural sculpted face in her recent appearances. It is definitely the result of plastic surgery, most likely botox. This Iggy Azalea surgery was most likely done with an injection of botox to the jaw line. It altered the masseter muscles (muscles around the jaw line) and made it firmer. This is why she has this sculpted face look.

  1. Surgical Brow Lift

Another Iggy Azalea surgery that definitely happened is the surgical brow lift. Her brows appear higher and higher over the years. It could be the result of botox but some cosmetic experts stated that Iggy’s brows were extremely heightened, which could be the result of surgical brow lift instead of botox.

  1. Hyaluronic Acid Lip Filler

One of the most noticeable surgery procedures that everyone can notice from the rapper’s face is her lip. Her lips are definitely bigger and very plump. Compared to her old pictures, the fuller lip looks very much different to her lips back when she was younger. It is believed that she has some lip fillers procedure, most likely hyaluronic acid filler, which was very popular among celebrities.

  1. Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

The star has definitely has nose job done. Her today’s nose looks nothing like her nose back in her youth. Her nose today looks slimmer. It is believed that plastic surgery was done to round out the nasal tip of her nose. Then, apparently there was a second procedure to reduce the bridge of the nose.

The Australian rapper is a natural beauty, apparently. Even without having to go under the knife, she always looks beautiful. However, she decided to enhance her beauty with the help of surgery and her fans could not do anything about it. Thankfully, all those Iggy Azalea surgery procedures above seemed work pretty well and successful to make the star’s appearance even better.