Janet Jackson Surgery and Rumors about It

Michael Jackson is one of the legendary musicians known by publics. He created lots of great songs and he always showed nice and iconic dance movement in every song and concert. The songs also show deep meaning, and this becomes the reasons why his songs are still played until now. Behind his great success, there are also long stories about his plastic surgery. In fact, the issues and stories are not only about him, but his relative, Janet Jackson, also got issues regarding the plastic surgery and there is some points to know about Janet Jackson surgery.

Some Rumors about Janet Jackson Surgery


Janet Jackson becomes one of the close relative of Michael Jackson who also goes the popularity. Although she may not be able to compare her popularity to the legendary Michael Jackson, she got some good awards for her songs. Other than the stories of her success as musician, there are also long stories about the rumors of her taking plastic surgery. Although she did not confirm clearly the surgeries, some photos proved and even some doctors said their analysis. Related to that, these are some issues of her surgical process.

  1. Area of eyes

The first issue about Janet Jackson surgery is found in the area of her eye. Some photos showed that she had some differences in the look of her eyelid. It is known as the blepharoplasty. This kind of surgery is taken to revise and refine the eyelid, so it could be shaped as desired by the one who take the surgery.

However, it is said that the blepharoplasty is not the only surgery taken on the area of her eyes. There is also eyebrow lift. In some cases, commonly these two treatments are taken as the combination in refining the eyes. Based on the results in some photos, it seems that the surgery show good successes and she look good with the refined eyebrow and eyelid.

  1. Rhinoplasty

The other common treatment of plastic surgery is the rhinoplasty. This is the surgical method to refine and reshape the nose. It seems that the Janet Jackson surgery issue also talks about this organ. Even, when it is to make comparison, her nasal surgery is the most clearly seen compared the other issues. By using the surgery, she made her nose smaller. Then, it is also said that she reduced some part in her opening of nose. Unfortunately, some said that the rhinoplasty did not show good results.

  1. Cheek and lip filler

It seems those two are not the only issues of Janet Jackson surgery. In fact, there are also people talking about the filler applied on her face, especially in the cheek and lips. These can be seen from the unnatural shape of her cheeks and lips. They look so plump and things will be clearly seen once she smiles.

Unfortunately, Janet Jackson still says nothing about the issues of her plastic surgery. Although this already becomes common treatment taken by celebrity, it seems that she does not want to say anything and wants to claims that all things about her are still natural. Yet, there may always be rumors and issues about Janet Jackson surgery.