Jennifer Aniston Surgery, Secret for Good Aging Process

Jennifer Aniston was basically anyone’s crush in the 90’s. Her hit sitcom really brought everyone’s attention on her. No one can really deny her attractiveness, on top of her comedic skill. She is still an active actress in her 50’s; a moderately successful one at that too. In order to maintain that, it is believed that Jennifer Aniston surgery is a real thing. What kind of procedures that the actress had done in order to stay fit in her age? We will take a look at them in the following passage.

Jennifer Aniston Surgery over the Years

pretty-jennifer aniston

What are the secrets to Ms. Aniston’s constant beauty? Here is the list of surgical procedures that she had most likely done in order to retain her look in her age.

  1. Breast Reshaping Job

An obvious example of Jennifer Aniston surgery is definitely her bust job. Although her original breasts were not that small, they were in moderate size at best. Now, you can see that she gets bustier than ever. Her figure looks even more regal when she is wearing tight dresses. She also shows off her upper body more often to give audience prove that her boob job works very well. This change really suits her appearance.

  1. Skin Peeling

This might not be classified as Jennifer Aniston surgery. It involves laser treatment. What the treatment does is removing dead skin cells which gather on one’s face. Accumulation of dead skins will make someone looking tired. Aniston had sworn by this technique which she said was responsible in maintaining her youthful skin. She even stated that she underwent the procedure quite often.

  1. Anti-wrinkle Treatment

It is unknown whether she really did this anti-wrinkle treatment which involves Botox. She probably did this treatment at least once before trying out safer or longer lasting method. Botox will not stay long within the face since it is processed by the body metabolism. Because of that, you have to repeat the procedure periodically. Botox also has non-natural result as the person will not be able to move certain parts of their face freely. Aniston definitely does not have that problem.

  1. Nose Work

Another Jennifer Aniston surgery to be discussed is definitely her nose work. She used to have tall nose that was quite wide in comparison to her face. Nowadays, you can see that her nose has gotten skinnier. In proportion to her face, the reshaped nose looks perfect. She looks even more majestic than before.

  1. Chin Implant

This one surgery is still a rumored one. It is gossiped that she had gotten chin implant in previous years. The chin implant is done to make the face looks youthful since the lower part of one’s place is likely taking the result of aging before the upper part does. You can see that her chin area looks fuller than before.

Nonetheless, many experts stated that Jennifer Aniston surgery is not the only thing responsible for the actress’s maintained beauty. She naturally had great genes to back up her look. That is why she looks nice no matter how miniscule the change she brought upon her body.