Kelly Rowland Surgery, the Long Awaiting Wish Came True

Kelly Rowland is the former member of girl group Destiny’s Child. She once made a headline for having gone under the knife to enhance her looks. Kelly Rowland surgery remains one of the hottest topics to talk about up until now. Thanks to her honesty to own up what she has done. She is definitely not one to be ashamed of doing something she wants and enjoys.

The Story behind Kelly Rowland Surgery

stunning-kelly rowland

Kelly is one of a few celebrities who have no problem admitting that they have gone through plastic surgery. Little did people know, Kelly Rowland surgery holds a little story to it that involves her mother and Beyonce’s mother. To better understand it, let us jump right into the meat of the story.

  1. She Had to Wait for 10 Years

When Kelly was as young as eighteen, she set a plan to form breast implants. However, Beyonce’s mother as well as her mother told her she should not rush it. They told her to, once again, think about it thoroughly. So, Rowland put her plan in wait for ten years. And, eventually did implants once she was at the age of twenty eight.

  1. Breast Implants

As Kelly once told the media, she was not glad with her natural breast, be it shape or size. She did surgery so that her breasts look a lot rounder in shape and larger in size. A great deal of surgeons told that the team that worked on Kelly Rowland surgery has made a good job. Additionally, Rowland said that she is very satisfied with their job.

In her interview, Kelly also reminded people who wish to form implants to weigh the pros and cons thoroughly. She might not have had any issues after the surgery. However, it could be pose a threat once it is done by unprofessional surgeons. It had been her own call to form implants and no one ought to follow her simply because she did that.

  1. Nose Job

Not many celebrities would openly admit that they have had plastic surgery. However, Kelly Rowland has no problem with it. She admitted that she conjointly received nose surgery and not just breast implants. Once the paparazzi asked her the reason behind it, she said that she did it for herself. She did not do it for her fans or men.

Kelly seems proud of changes of her appearance. There is no use to deny it. Even if she did not admit the surgery procedure she had taken, the shape of her nose looks really obvious. If we compare Kelly’s previous and latest pictures, it is clear that she used to have larger nose. Now, her nose began to look straighter and slimmer. All in all, it is an impressive result.

When confronted with Kelly Rowland surgery news, Kelly said she has no regrets and will not make apologies for it. It is true, especially when she turned to plastic surgery to boost her self-confidence and enhance her overall appearance.