Kim Kardashian Surgery List and Speculations

Kim Kardashian surgery has been a famous topic since the rose of the TV personality in 2007. It is believed that back then before the Kardashians were famous and dominating the TV, Kim looked nothing like she is today. So, has she done any plastic surgery procedures? Find out the answer down below.

Kim Kardashian Surgery Over the Years


Looking at Kim right now (and the rest of the Kardashian clan), it is acceptable to think that she has had plastic surgery, probably many of them. The sisters, even the matriarch Kris Jenner, looks nothing but natural. Focusing on Kim, apparently there are some surgeries she has done over the years, even though it is hard for her to admit them all. Here is the list of Kim Kardashian surgery.

  1. The Famous Bum Lift

Of course, one of the most debatable surgery-related topics among everyone around the world when talking about Kim Kardashian is the bum lift. It is the most noticeable feature in Kim’s body. The bum looks so perfect that nobody thinks it is natural. However, Kim strictly denied the rumor over and over. Instead of Kim Kardashian surgery on the bum, she credited her perfect bum to her daily exercise on the gym.

  1. The Nose Job

Of course Kim Kardashian has had nose job. In her youth, her nose looked wider and bigger. Today, her nose is much sleeker and smaller. Kim never admitted that she had done something to her nose but it seemed to obvious for the public.

  1. Boob Job?

This is probably the most controversial one. Kim has the perfect breast. They are just full and gracious. She said that she got them that way by exercising regularly and eat healthy food. However, many people believed that the perfection on the breast was gained by surgery.

  1. Liposuction

Back in 2013 after her first child, North West, was born, the Kardashian star was gossiped to have liposuction done. Kim is well-known to be obsessed on perfect body and perfect appearance. That is why after giving birth to North, she refused to go out on public and waited until her post-baby body was gone. To speed the process, it was believed that the star used the help of liposuction, particularly on the hip and stomach. This Kim Kardashian surgery helped to tuck away the post-baby belly in no time at all.

  1. Cheek Fillers and Botox

Last but not least, Botox is suspected to be injected on Kim’s face over and over. The firmness on the facial skin, especially on the forehead and cheek, is not too natural for some people. It is then generally accepted that Kim has used cheek fillers and Botox injections on her face.

Even though Kim never publicly admit that she has plastic surgery done on her body, a lot of people around the world find it ridiculous for a person to look like that without the help of plastic surgery. That is why it is generally acceptable to label the Kardashian star to have done several surgeries on her body and on her face. The Kim Kardashian surgery has helped the star to keep look stunning.