Lady Gaga Surgery and Cosmetic Injections

Lady Gaga surgery has been an issue for years. However, the infamous singer has never admitted that the surgeries happened. As one of the most famous faces in the world, it is understandable that Lady Gaga will always be scrutinized by paparazzi, especially for her appearance. So, is it true that she never had plastic surgery? Find out down below.

Types of Lady Gaga Surgery Procedures


Apparently, there are only a few people in the world who believe that the singer is “born this way”. There are so many changes on her face throughout the years and they are not simply caused by makeup or skin care stuff. They are definitely the results of plastic surgeries. What Lady Gaga surgery procedures are they? Here is the answer.

  1. Nose Job

Lady Gaga’s old photos showed that her nose was so different from her current nose. Was this the result of Lady Gaga surgery, particularly nose job? Apparently, it is true. The nose job helped her to alter the shape of the nose, making it longer and make the nasal area looked narrower as well.

  1. Lip Fillers

The closest thing to plastic surgery that Lady Gaga has admitted is the lip filler. She was known back then to have thinner lip. Her lips were almost straight and not plump at all. However, after her career launched, her lips started to change in appearance. It got bigger and plumper.

Lady Gaga stated that she got something injected on her lips. However, it was back then and she said that she regretted it. Whatever the doctor has injected into her lips, she had ordered it to get removed. It is said that her lips are now back to natural and looked bigger only because of makeup.

  1. Face Lift

Face lift is done to firm all the skins on her face, preventing them from getting saggy and wrinkling. Apparently, it is a Lady Gaga surgery that really happened. The facial skin of the singer looked unnatural. Sometimes, it looked too firm for some people. However, the star is known to be very eccentric and no one knows whether the firm skin is surgery-related or just the result of something whacky she puts on her face.

  1. Breast Augmentation

It is believed that Lady Gaga has done something to her breasts, particularly in changing its size. The breast augmentation result was very obvious because there were several noticeable changes, especially on the size of the breast. The star rejected the rumor, stating she had never done anything unnatural to enhance the size of the breast. It was all due to her healthy lifestyle and good diet, though.

The Oscar-winning singer is a natural beauty, though. She has Italian heritage that makes her natural look so stunning already. This is why plastic surgery is not necessary in her case. If all those rumors about Lady Gaga surgery are actually facts, maybe she had done all the procedures to keep her fresh look and not to disappoint her fans.