Madonna Surgery to Maintain Her Youthful Charm

Madonna is still a renowned entertainer, even after decades working in the industry with new competitors coming every single time. Of course, in order to maintain her queen status, she has to do a lot of works. The works are not only related to her music and performance production. She also needs to maintain her appearance at top condition. The fact that she manages to do that makes Madonna surgery circulating around in public. The entertainer neither admits nor denies this rumor.

What are the Rumored Madonna Surgery Procedures?

Despite being way past her 50s, Madonna still rocks her performing attire unlike any other elder woman out there. What are her secrets to maintain youthful appearance? Let’s take a look at the following list of probable surgical procedures she might have dabbled in.


  1. Butt Augmentation

Just recently, public was surprised by an obvious change on the backside of the singer. Her butts look significantly bigger than they were previously. Because of that, rumors of Madonna surgery in the buttock area began circulating. Many plastic surgeons have even contributing their inputs, saying that it is very likely that the singer had conducted the procedure. In this procedure, silicone implant will be inserted to the buttock in order to give it more definition. The results are firmer butts that will look awesome in any type of tight clothing.

  1. Rhitydectomy

The biggest secret to the performer’s youthful appearance is definitely rhitydectomy. This Madonna surgery is also known popularly as face lift. The procedure is done by removing a certain portion of the face’s lower part of skin. After that, the skin can be tightened to appear firmer and youthful. As the singer gets older, obviously her skin would sag overtime. The excess skin will make someone looking older. Hence, this procedure is definitely making sense to be done. Invasive face lift surgery will yield longer lasting result.

  1. Removal of Buccal Fat

Another Madonna surgery that makes her appearing younger than she is: removal of buccal fat. The fat is located mainly on the cheek area. As you see in many older people, they will look plump around the cheek area. It really gives the impression of someone looking older. It is highly likely that the singer removed a significant portion of her buccal fat. The result can be seen in how slim her face looks right now despite her age.

  1. Blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty is also known as eyelid surgery. It is performed by people no matter their ages. In elder people, this process is done because their eyelids tend to be droopy as they get older. Droopy eyelids will make someone looking tired and even older than they are. It is the result of lessened skin elasticity which accumulates in the eyelid area. Madonna is predicted to perform this procedure on both of her eyes. The result can be seen in her defined eyes.

Maintaining younger appearance is proven to be plenty of works, as illustrated by Madonna surgery. Nonetheless, if you find it as important, the inconvenience is worth overcoming.