Mary-Kate Olsen Surgery That Tell Her Apart from Ashley

The topic of Mary-Kate Olsen surgery is always interesting to talk about. Indeed, Mary-Kate and her fraternal twin, Ashley, are the biggest twin star in the world. They have been on TV since they were basically infants and been famous ever since. The two twin sisters look very much alike, even though they are fraternal. However, it all changed after Mary-Kate has several plastic surgeries done.

All of the Mary-Kate Olsen Surgery Procedures that Happens

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The result of Mary-Kate Olsen surgery is very noticeable. It makes her face looks very different from Ashley’s. Back then, they were like twins and today they are nothing alike. So, what kinds of cosmetic surgery that Mary-Kate had? If you are interested in this topic, here is more information about it for you to read.

  1. Endoscopic Brow Lift

One of the most noticeable Mary-Kate Olsen surgery procedures is probably the one on her brows. The Fullhouse star is suspected to have endoscopic brow lift. It is the kind of surgery to basically lift up the brows, making the eyebrows look higher than before and add more appeals to the overall look on the face.

Back then, Mary-Kate has thick, natural brows. Now, she has higher brows that are quite straight and odd-looking. She probably has done the surgery to prevent wrinkling look, too, on the forehead. The result is not quite flattering, though. It made her looks very different compared to her younger self, even compared to her twin and other sisters.

  1. Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is the fancy term to explain nose job. A lot of celebrities consider that nose job is nothing but mandatory to correct their appearance and make them look appealing all the time. It is believed that Mary-Kate has had this kind of surgery, too. It happened probably a long time ago, probably around 2009 or 2010.

This Mary-Kate Olsen surgery makes her nose looks smaller and pinched. The nose looks nothing like the nose she had when she was teenager. The effect of the nose job becomes more obvious as she ages. In the recent years, Mary-Kate’s nose becomes thinner, especially on the nasal tip. It is not natural at all as the nasal tip should get fuller as someone ages, not get thinner.

  1. Cheek Lift Surgery

Over the years, Mary-Kate’s cheeks become thinner and sleeker. Her cheek bones were very protruding and obvious. She did not have this look back when she was young. Even her twin Ashley did not have this facial feature. Then, it is believed that the high cheek bones and the sleek look on the jaw line, too, are the result of cosmetic surgery.

The famous twin has younger sister, Elizabeth, who is also a movie star. It is believed that both Mary-Kate and Ashley were very jealous of Elizabeth’s beauty and thus they underwent a lot of surgeries to correct the imperfections on their face. The result of Ashley’s surgery was not too obvious. However, Mary-Kate Olsen surgery has gone wrong and eventually ruins her appearance.