Megan Fox Surgery and the Sexier Appearance on Her Face

There are many attractive actresses. These awesome and talented women have both great acting skills and beautiful body and face. These make them always get the popularity. Among them, there are also some actresses known for the sexy appearance. When it is about the sexy look, it will not be complete without the discussion of Megan Fox. This is one of the sexy women. It is not only her body, but her face is so attractive. Behind of her attractive appearance, there are some rumors about the Megan Fox surgery.

Interesting Things and Speculations Regarding Megan Fox Surgery

Plastic surgery is not strange things to find. There are many people do the surgery to make them look much better. Actresses and actors are the common persons to have knife upgrading their look. Megan Fox, with some different appearances in some photos and films, also get speculation.


Of course, it will be interesting to discuss about the Megan Fox’s plastic surgery.

  1. Nose Job

One of the clear facts is about the nose job. Before her appearance in the Transformer, some photos of her showed wider nose. Even, there was cleft. Yet, after 2005, she got sleeker and thinner nose. Simply, it can be said that her nose got refined. Some people said that these are the work of cosmetics. When it is to deal with the nose tip, cosmetics can do the jobs. However, when it is to make the nose thinner, cosmetic cannot always hide the fact.

Related to this, she did not deny the rumor about Megan Fox surgery. Yet, she also did not confirm it. However, photos and appearance in some movies show that her nose looks so different and it is hard to deny.

  1. Lip filler

Then, the next Megan Fox surgery is about the lip filler. Some old photos showed that her lips were thinner. Specifically, the upper lip was so thin, so there was tendency for her to show the front teeth. However, the current photos show better thickness of her lips. The lips get better thick balance and she does not show the front teeth anymore. It is not things that can be done by makeup and plumpers, so it seems that she had lip filler applied on her face.

  1. Cheek filler

Those two rumors are not the only things related to the Megan Fox surgery. There are also speculations about the cheek filler. Some photo comparisons, even after her appearance in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, show that she has wider face with fuller cheek. However, it can be denied since some people can have this once they increase the weight.

Those are some interesting facts and rumors about Megan Fox. She is truly sexy and even she keeps getting sexier in the latest movies. These make people speculate and there are rumors about the plastic surgery. However, most actresses and actors choose to deny the knife works, and it is also done by Megan Fox. Of course, there are some comparisons that make people think about the Megan Fox surgery.