Mickey Rourke Surgery, the Heavy Face Reconstruction

Mickey Rourke surgery is basically not novel information for anyone who knows this veteran actor. He was considered a sex icon in the film industry, a talented one at that. The actor used to have appearance that exuded masculinity with a touch of softness. However, over the years, you could see drastic changes in his look especially if being compared to his younger self. What are the surgical procedures that this actor had likely tried doing?

Mickey Rourke Surgery History


If you are comparing the actor’s current and past pictures, you will be noticing glaring differences at some parts of his face. Below are the procedures that experts have compiled, based on the picture comparisons.

  1. Hair Transplant

Hair receding is a common symptom to develop as you grow older. It seems like the actor also experiences this. In order to maintain his full hair that used to be iconic in the past, the actor tried hair transplant. The surgical procedure involves relocating hair follicle in other parts of one’s body to the head. However, since it is going to thin as time goes by, you are likely to have to repeat the procedure.

  1. Blapheroplasty

Another obvious Mickey Rourke surgery is blapheroplasty or known as eye lift surgery. As someone gets older, the eyelids (particularly in the upper area) will get sagged. In order to prevent that, the actor tightened the sagging skin over his eyes. This process open up the eyes and obviously making him looking younger than what his age suggested. It is also likely that the procedure had been done to the lower eyelids as well.

  1. Face Lifting Procedure

You can definitely notice that the actor does not have obvious wrinkles around his face. Face lifting was a Mickey Rourke surgery allegedly been performed by the actor to achieve this. As he gets older, there will be accumulation of skin on his face which results from the aging process. The procedure removes additional skin and tightens the rest. The result is a face that appears to be without wrinkles despite the owner’s age.

  1. Lip Filler

It is also believed that the actor had gotten lip injection not too long ago. Unfortunately, it seems like the lip filler was not done too well as the size was quite glaring if compared to his whole face’s proportion. It might be because the lip job was still new as the size will reduce over time.

  1. Nose Reconstruction Work

Mickey Rourke surgery that he had admittedly done was nose reconstruction work. As you probably know, the actor had taken a break from acting in order to become ring fighter. His face took heavy brunt of that decision, particularly in the nose area. He had done multiple surgeries in order to reshape his nose back. The surgeries resulted in taller nose bridge that looks slimmer.

  1. Cheek Implants

Understandably as someone ages, the cheeks will sink. This makes anyone look older. It is possible that Mickey Rourke surgery to put on implants on the cheeks had been done. You can notice that the actor still gain his cheek apples despite his age.