Nicki Minaj Surgery and the Issues about the Surgical Procedures

Surely, people know the name of Nicki Minaj. She has become one of the new superstars. She is known as the great songwriter and rapper. However, music is not the only things that boost her popularity. Her fame also comes from her sexy and glamorous look. Even, she set wider fields of her popularity and she does not only work as singer and songwriter now. She had other business and these all make her more popular than before. However, behind his fame and the sexy-glamorous look, there are some rumors about the Nicki Minaj surgery. Surely, it can be interesting to discuss.

Some Issues about Nicki Minaj Surgery


Many actresses in the Hollywood have taken plastic surgery. These already become common things to see. However, most of them deny the facts. Even, some of them keep the news shut until bad things happen and this is commonly called as the plastic surgery disaster. The same things also happen on Nicki Minaj. There are many rumors and even there is a moment in one of her concert where people called it as the disaster.

  1. Buttock and breast implant

The biggest issue related to the Nicki Minaj surgery is about the implant on her buttocks and breast, Of course, fans and people do not make unreasonable assumption. These issues come to the surface after some photo comparisons show the clear indication of buttock and breast implant. Before her popularity, she had quite big buttocks, but it is not as big as now and it is seen as unnatural.

Then, for her breast, people also say that the implant is too clearly seen. They spotted that she did not get big and plump breasts as what is seen in her current appearance. Of course, these all make her look so sexy, but rumors always become negative things for Nicki Minaj.

  1. Her denial

Although the rumors are also supported with many photo comparisons, she refuses to confirm the Nicki Minaj surgery issues. In many occasions, she says that she never takes surgical treatment. She only says that her sexy buttocks and breasts are the results of her exercise and diet program, so there is nothing to do with under the knife procedure. Of course, this does not make people stop talking about the issues.

  1. Other rumors of surgery

It seems that people are not satisfied with her responses regarding the issues of Nicki Minaj surgery. Her responses did not stop people from gossiping her, yet it only makes things worse. After the issues of buttocks and breast surgery, there are also rumors about the rhinoplasty. It is kind of surgery done to the area of nose to refine it.  Once again, these are also supported by some photos.

Nicki Minaj never gives any confirmation regarding the rumors of her plastic surgery. She keeps saying that those are results of her exercises in order to show the sexy and glamorous look. It seems that the rumors will keep spreading and it seems that this famous rapper should be more patient in facing many kinds of issues regarding the Nicki Minaj surgery.