Nicole Snooki Surgery List Her Fans Need to Know

Nicole Snooki surgery procedures are numerous. The Jersey Shore star is one of the celebrities that have no reservation in admitting about their plastic surgery. Snooki, also known by her real name Nicole Polizzi, has indeed done a lot of procedures in making her appearance better and better. She even documented her plastic surgery journey on her YouTube channel.

All Those Nicole Snooki Surgery Procedures

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So, what are Nicole Snooki surgery procedures? Well, apparently there are so many of them. Here are some of the legit explanations about the cosmetic surgery procedures the TV star has done over the years. They will make you understand about the dramatic changes happened to the star’s face from time to time. Here they are:

  1. Breast Implants

Snooki has openly admitted that she had done breast implant surgery. The breast augmentation was done in 2015 by the infamous plastic surgeon Dr. Tutela. The New Jersey and New York based surgeon enhanced the size of Snooki’s breasts to the size of full C. Snooki admitted that she was very happy with the result of the surgery.

This Nicole Snooki surgery happened because she felt that her breasts were very saggy after she had two kids. The star publicly stated that she breastfed both kids and it probably caused the breasts to lose its elasticity a bit. That was why she opted to get it fixed using breast implants surgery done by Dr. Tutela.

Dr. Tutela was not the first surgeon to help enhance the breast size of the star, though. Snooki has got introduced to breast augmentation surgery since she was very young. Her first boob job was done in 2005 when she was only 18 years of age. She said the surgery was to improve her confidence.

  1. Botox

Besides of the breast augmentation, Dr. Tutela also helped to enhance the look of Snooki’s face. The celeb asked the help of Dr. Tutela to remove all the wrinkles on her face and tighten the facial skin as well. The plastic surgeon then injected botox to her forehead to remove all those wrinkles and aging signs. Apparently, this Nicole Snooki surgery is the one keeping her look young all the time.

  1. Lip Injections

There is no doubt that the “Dancing with the Star” celeb has something to do with her lips. Her lips become fuller and fuller from time to time. It is possible that the lips are injected with lip fillers. This is the only procedure that Snooki has not admitted. However, the changes on the lips are very obvious and apparently everyone can tell that the lips got something unnatural in it.

As a celebrity, it is probably mandatory for Snooki to amaze her fans all the time with her beauty. However, her plastic surgery procedures may have gone too far and her face is too different now compared to her look back then. Even without all those Nicole Snooki surgery procedures, she would always be famous anyway because her fans are quite loyal.