Claire Danes

Is Claire Danes having nose job, breast augmentation, and Botox injection?

When recent appearances of Claire Danes get caught in photos and TV, some of you would ask: did she have plastic surgery? We do have such question as well. Nevertheless, Danes was denied already that she has had cosmetic surgery. Unfortunately, it is hard to believe that she hasn’t done such thing, because we had… Read More

Did Mira Sorvino Really Have Chin Implants?

Everybody knows that Mira Sorvino is a very beautiful actress. She has good looking even without any cosmetic procedure or plastic surgery that many celebrities had. At her 46 age, she still looks young and amazing. In some Medias said that Mira has had Botox injection, facelift and chin implants as well. When confirmed about… Read More

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato Before and After Had Nose Job and Breast Augmentation

Public  not only recognize Demi Lovato as the one who have so much talent – as she already made hit songs – but they also know her for her plastic surgery too. Nevertheless, rumors said that Demi Lovato was possibly having plastic surgery or some external body’s enhancements that made her appearance become so fresh… Read More

Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins as a Specialist in Plastic Surgery

Having a beautiful and handsome face are everyone’s dreams. Therefore, many people are willing to make hard efforts in order to get their best appearance. Well, by the development of the technology, the dream to become beautiful instantly is no longer impossible. Why I said so? Because we all know that the plastic surgery has… Read More

Roger Moore

Roger Moore Had Taken Facelift?

We often heard the media said that one of the Bond’s actors, Roger Moore, had had plastic surgery. The rumors spread after his physical appearance seems never significantly changing. We have to admit that Roger Moore is not young anymore but we can see clearly that there are no extreme aging signs appear on his… Read More

Nadya Suleman Denied but People Believe She Has Plastic Surgery

Nadya Suleman is all about denial about her plastic surgery rumors. On the other hand, people believe the rumor of Nadya Suleman plastic surgery, especially after they see the body of Octomom shortly after giving birth of her octuplets that reveal a very sexy body without a sign that she was carry 8 baby inside… Read More

Mary McDonnell

Does Mary McDonnell have Plastic Surgery?

You might have recently heard rumors, telling you about connection between Mary McDonnell and plastic surgery. Did she have cosmetic procedures or plastic surgery of any? Well, it is hard to tell you the truth, because McDonnell herself haven’t yet make some statement upon this rumor. However, some fans have said something interesting, as they… Read More

Dana Ivey

About Rumors on Dana Ivey and Plastic Surgery

When you are looking for reference, trying to answer whether or not Diana Ivey is having plastic surgery, none of the reference would eventually appear in, say, Google’s page. Yes, it is absolutely that people would find plenty of references that each is going to explain who Diana Ivey is, but there is no information… Read More