Priscilla Presley Surgery and the Disaster Coming From the Surgery

Elvis Presley is known as the legendary stars. All people know him and his popularity still continues even after he passed away. His great work and popularity is not only known because of his great musical careers. He also becomes great actresses with many titles of movies and various achievements. Surely, he is the legendary superstar. However, it seems that the story does not work well in Priscilla Presley. Priscilla, wife of Elvis Presley, gets some problems. Even Priscilla Presley surgery became one of the booming news at that time.

Booming story about Priscilla Presley surgery

 gorgeous-priscilla presley

Priscilla Presley is actually beautiful woman. However, things went wrong when she decided to have plastic surgery. Actually, it is not strange decision. Most of celebrities do this although they keep the information and fact hidden. Even, some of them do the surgical treatment when they are still young or in the peak of popularity. Priscilla decided to have the surgery since she was afraid of the age and she wanted to hide the changes due to the age. Unfortunately, the results disappointed her.

  1. Cheek filler

There are many kinds of plastic surgery to choose. The surgical work and method is chosen to modify and refine the appearance. Mostly, it happens on the area of face, but other parts can also get refined with this method. In this case, Priscilla Presley chose to have the method worked on her face, especially the cheek. It seems that she was afraid of the age making her less attractive, so she wanted to keep the cheek plump and fuller.

It was actually good decision. Unfortunately, the Priscilla Presley surgery was not executed properly. It is indicated that she received low-grade silicones and these brought bad impact on her skins. Instead of refined, she got problems.

  1. Liquid diet

Due to the bad execution and low-grade silicone used in her surgery, she got the bad impact. The Priscilla Presley surgery made her cheek got problems. She was not prettier, yet her cheeks were paralyzed and these could not be moved. Of course, this becomes big disaster and it still happens until now.

Because of the Priscilla Presley surgery disaster, she had to do the liquid diet. Her cheeks cannot be moved and she could not open the lips. That is why she could only have liquid as the nutrients for her body. Surely this becomes the big regrets. Even, there are also rumors about the skin cancer. It is said that she got skin cancer on the area of her cheeks and it is already removed by using the surgery. This only makes the disaster worse.

It is totally bad news. Elvis is a superstar and he is so legendary. Unfortunately, her wife made wrong decision. It is not bad decision to have plastic surgery, but it is wrong decision to choose unprofessional person to conduct the surgery and even she got the low-grade silicones. The impacts after the surgery even becomes big discussions and people call these as the surgery disaster. Priscilla also said that she is totally regret and got disappointed for this. Of course, the Priscilla Presley surgery can be something to learn.