Shocking Facts about Janice Dickinson Surgery

Janice Dickinson is the world supermodel who was in her 20’s when her talent and looks discovered by model agent due to her exotic appearance. She then settled in Paris, France to secure her spot as the biggest name in fashion industry, being praised and embraced by her ethnic beauty, before she moved to Washington DC, USA. Janice Dickinson has been always being opened about the fact that she did multiple plastic surgeries to maintain her career. The Janice Dickinson surgery story has been discussed all across the world and the internet.

The Story about Janice Dickinson Surgery


  1. The early career surgery

In the early period of her career, which took place about thirty years ago, Janice Dickinson admitted to do the breast enhancement. She detailed the process to the surgery team later and managed to shock them by the fact that the implant remained in her body for that long. Since then, she also admitted to another procedure such as brow lift, eye lift, and multiple fillers.

  1. Being open about it

Janice Dickinson apparently is not shy about the fact that she has been going under the knife. The Janice Dickinson surgery relied on skilled team of plastic surgeons to keep her optimum appearance as the “world’s first supermodel.” To get leg up on competition, she thought it was the best decision to opt for her first cosmetic procedure early in her career.

It was not the easy path for Janice Dickinson and people around her. Surgeons said she was difficult to work with, as she constantly demanded for drugs, swearing, and walked around naked, to deal with the pain. When the people have noticed that indeed Janice Dickinson surgery has happened far too many times, they said they were put off by her plastic appearance and her behavior. Her son also begged her publicly to stop getting cosmetic surgery.

  1. What did it cost

There are many physicians argued that there are more Janice Dickinson surgery than the ones she has confirmed. Her plastic surgery resume alone showed that the procedures cost more than $100,000. One of the doctor even believed that she had been going under every single plastic surgery available out there, including Botox, lip injections, fat injections face lift, eyelid lift, and a brow lift.

Janice Dickinson has also expressed her regret, especially after she got diagnosed with breast cancer, probably due to the implant.  She is currently undergoing the battle and treatment for the mentioned disease.

A lot of people and her fans argued that she is free to do anything to her body because she used her own money. But judging from the opinions from the surgical teams, staffs around her, and her own family, seems like the surgery path has gone wrong for her. She even declared herself bankrupt in 2013, owing almost $1 million in taxes and unpaid cosmetic bills.

All that were said, she admitted her addiction resulted in regret, showing people that too many plastic surgeries generated no good prospects for the future. Janice Dickinson surgery experience has been described, as well as her battle with multiple mental illnesses such as bulimia, anorexia, and alcoholism in her personal memoir.