Susan Sarandon Claimed that She Has Never Had Plastic Surgery

In October 2010, there was a rumor about Susan Sarandon plastic surgery. This rumor actually started when some witnesses saw Susan doing the plastic surgery. In the end, Susan told the public that the news was not correct. When she was interviewed at one of popular magazines in 2010, she told that she never did any plastic surgery. Of course, she was surprised with the news. She did not realize that there were some people spreading such a rumor. Susan also stated that all people have their right to give a comment or say anything that they want. It means that, Susan did not want to waste her time to deal with this rumor.

Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon

In fact, she has her opinion about plastic surgery. She considers that it is dangerous to do that. Plastic surgery can make someone get addicted to it. In addition, it is too extreme to do that. People will more respect when someone appears with natural beauty. Having plastic surgery, based on Susan’s opinion, can endanger one’s life. There were many actresses in the past that had done plastic surgery and they regretted because their appearance became worse. They had to do other surgeries again and again, and they had to spend a lot of money.

Susan Sarandon Plastic Surgery Before After

Do you believe that she never had plastic surgery?

The conclusion is, Susan Sarandon has never done any plastic surgery. All news that appears in the media mass was nothing but lie. One of the rumors stated that she has done plastic surgery procedures. When she was asked to give her opinion about such a rumor, she claimed that it was true. She did the surgery procedures but after she found several facts that plastic surgery was dangerous, she changed her mind and decided not to do that. It is up to public whether they will believe this or not.