Geena Davis

What Plastic Surgery Has Geena Davis Had?

The changes of Geena Davis’ appearance are hardly recognized and she looks prettier now. Has she undergone the plastic surgery? Well, the rumor which is spreading about Geena Davis plastic surgery is true since the professional woman has already admitted that she did the plastic surgery in the past. Geena Davis has done some enhancement… Read More

Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks Boob Job is So Obvious Although She Said No

The rumors said that Christina Hendricks had so many jobs all over her body. However, the most believable rumor about Christina Hendricks plastic surgery could be her boob job. Although she denied it so many times, it was so obvious about her boob change when we make a comparison between her picture in the late… Read More

Audrina Patridge

Did Audrina Patridge get a Boob Job?

In the entertainment world, being difficult is a must thing to do. However, being more and more beautiful in certain period of time which is considers as fast will make the people think further about its neutrality. Do the people do the plastic surgery to make all the things perfect to be done? There is… Read More

Anna Faris

The Truth about Anna Faris Plastic Surgery

As we all know, Hollywood is full of gossip. Every little change about people will attract the attention of journalist. One of the things which is exposed by journalist is commonly the plastic Surgery which is done by the celebrities since the ire appearance commonly grow to fast or can be said as better faster.… Read More