Lara Spencer

Did Lara Spencer Take Plastic Surgery to Look Young and Beautiful?

Plastic surgery has been a common trend in celebrity‚Äôs world. They have the money and they can do anything just to make them more admired by the fans. It is no wonder then if people will start guessing whether an actor or actress has nose job, facelift and other procedures of plastic surgery when she… Read More

Holly Madison

Holly Madison Admitted to Have Nose And Breast Job

Plastic surgery is a magnet not only for the middle aged celebrities but also for the young celebrities. The best example can be found in Holly Madison plastic surgery. This beautiful woman is always involved in a rumor about the plastic surgeries that she had done. Unlike other celebrities who deny having any plastic surgeries,… Read More

Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks Boob Job is So Obvious Although She Said No

The rumors said that Christina Hendricks had so many jobs all over her body. However, the most believable rumor about Christina Hendricks plastic surgery could be her boob job. Although she denied it so many times, it was so obvious about her boob change when we make a comparison between her picture in the late… Read More

Giuliana Rancic

Giuliana Rancic Denies the Statement about Plastic Surgery

Not all people in the world are beautiful. Therefore, treatment is usually needed by them to get a perfect body and appearance. Well, in Hollywood, being beautiful is a must. There should be no ugly person there. Therefore, it is not surprising that most people in Hollywood have done the plastic surgery to enhance their… Read More

Daryl Hannah

Has Daryl Hannah Plastic Surgery Become a Disaster?

Although the pictures show obvious change in Daryl Hannah face, she does not say yes or no about it. Unfortunately, Daryl Hannah plastic surgery seems to become a disaster for her. Failed eyelift and botox are the most possible reasons why she loses her natural beauty. Possibly, similar to other celebrities who have got a… Read More